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Biography of Virginie Ingabire, spouse of the Ambassador Designate of the Republic of Rwanda to the Kingdom of The Netherlands 

I am originally from Kigali, in Rwanda. Following my marriage, my two children and I have had the opportunity to live in numerous cities around the world, supporting my husband, Olivier Jean Patrick Nduhungirehe, who is currently Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda to the Kingdom of The Netherlands.  

We first moved abroad to Ethiopia in May 2007 and stayed for 3 years, and it is there that I first met Frey. Whilst in Addis Ababa, I was elected Vice Chairperson of the Rwandan Community in Ethiopia and was an active member of the Diplomatic Spouses’ Group in Ethiopia. 

In August 2010, my family moved to New York, United States, where my husband had been appointed First Counsellor, then Deputy Permanent Representative/ Minister Counsellor in the Permanent Mission of Rwanda to the United Nations. We returned to Rwanda in July 2015, he was recalled to serve as Director General in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

In December 2015, my family and I moved to Brussels, Belgium, to accompany my husband, who had been appointed Ambassador of Rwanda to The Kingdom of Belgium. There, I was involved in activities of the Group of Ambassador’s Spouses of Belgium. Ambassador Nduhungirehe was recalled in September 2017 to serve as Minister of State in charge of the East African Community. Whilst living in Kigali, I opened a hair salon named “New Nature”, which I ran until I moved to The Netherlands. 

I am Vice President of the Committee of Resource and Mobilization of Unity Club, and serve on the executive committee. It is an organization made up of current and former members of the Cabinet and their spouses, chaired by the First Lady of Rwanda promoting unity and reconciliation in Rwanda.

I am dedicated to supporting the development of young children and young adults, educating those involved with them as to how to create a nurturing environment which will enable them to fulfil their potential and this is why I have joined Early Years Development International.







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More about Mrs Frey Thomas  

An early years specialist and certified coach. I have two beautiful children and I’m a very passionate, caring and loving person – some colleagues call me Mother Teresa!  I love working with children – for me it’s not a job, it’s like a dream come true! I am passionate and believe that every child deserves the best possible start in life. I’ve gained a lot of experience working with different families (over 65 nationalities) by running my own multi–award winning nurseries and living in many different countries and cultures. This has given me a great experience of understanding people and seeing things from different perspectives. After running many workshops for parents and early years educators and observing and seeing different patterns, I know that parents play a big role in defining children’s lives. I therefore came up with a plan. For any child to reach their full potential, we must work in tandem with parents directly and early years educators. We can make so much difference together by working towards positive parenting and I was very happy that Tina shared my vision, and the same interests and beliefs with regards to this. Early Years Development International is an all in one approach to help children and parents have a happy and peaceful home life. I’m highly involved in charity projects including building play areas & school libraries in developing countries and sponsoring children’s education in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. I also volunteer as a mentor for a UK Charity project around employability for young people in the UK. /        Mrs Frey Thomas Org docs Profile







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