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United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon




  Dr. T. L. Lowery,  T.L. L, Foundation   http://tllowery.org/  United Nations  Ecosoc Consultative Status

Dr. T.L. Lowery, president of the T.L. Lowery Global Foundation, was
recently a guest speaker at a United Nations gathering to review progress on
the world body’s Millennium Development Goals.

Mr. Scott Moore & Mrs Tracy Moore , Project One Inc , UN Ecosoc Consultative Status Mrs. Carla Busbee, Project One Inc.

Read more: Cleveland Daily Banner – Dr–T L–Lowery speaks at U N–meeting




Mr. Ruud Lubbers, ex Prime Minister of the Netherlands, promotes the Earth Charter


https://worldviewmission.nl/?page_id=249  /  https://worldviewmission.nl/?page_id=5660




http://www.societyanddiplomaticreview.com /        https://worldviewmission.nl/?page_id=249/


Former United Nations General Secretary Mr. Ban Ki Moon, Ms. Hélène H. Oord, Mr. J. Scott-Moore, T.L. Lowery Ministry

Hélène H. Oord with UN Ambassador Jean-Francis R. Zinsou, Benin at United Nations NYProphet Alph Lukau, Wive Celeste Lukau / Fouders Alleluia Minstries, South Africa  https://helenehoordministriesint.wordpress.com/conferences-international/

                                                  .                                                https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5035&v=fFkS4RdY8Ks


Hélène H. Oord visits ‘(AMI) Alleluia Ministries Int’l, South Africa

Helene foto met Ambassador Benin naamloos

United Nations Ambassador Jean-Francis R. Zinsou (Benin) at the 5th OWG session

Spiritual Genealogy of Pastor Alph LUKAU from Sadhu Sundar Singh (INDIA)


                           Spiritual Genealogy of Pastor Alph LUKAU from Sadhu Sundar Singh        Pastor Alph Lukau

  Spiritual Genealogy of Pastor Alph LUKAU from Sadhu Sundar Singh …

Prophet Alph Lukau, Wive Celeste Lukau

Hélène H. Oord (Chair WM) shakes hands with UN Vice-General Secretary Mr. Kyo Akasaka Left Ms. Carla Oord, Mrs Marcia Gardener & Mr. Gary Gardener-Officer of UN, NY

Farewell Kiyo Akasaka Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information                   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lZ_RnIhW6Y

2nd United Nations Inter-agency meeting on the safety of journalists and the issue of impunity

Mr. Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal, Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information  (DPI)       http://www.un.org/en/hq/dpi/about.shtml


  • United Nations Millennium Declaration http://www.un.org/millennium/declaration/ares552e.htm

  • Worldview Mission (WM) was instigated with a philosophy to support and collaborate with the humanitarian agencies throughout the globe in their effort to ensure basic human rights to the communities especially in third world countries. Based on the premise of universality of Human Rights, Worldview Mission is actively working to promote a Rights Based Approach in all areas of interest (areas defined below). 
  • For instance, it a common understanding that the United States is one of the richest counties in the world, still, 37 million people are poor, and from those 13 million children (19 percent of all children) under age eighteen live in families with incomes below the official poverty threshold. Worldview Mission (WM) is on a mission to break the cycle of poverty in low economic communities by educating and preparing the youth to become leaders in their community and eventually extend their cause on a global level.
  • Programs of Worldview Mission (WM) are directed to enhance self-direction, self-determination and self-regulation of our youth as oppose to just giving them a handout which constitutes merely an ephemeral solution, but not a solution to the problem.
  • The Vision
  • “To improve the quality of life for the people living in poverty helping them to become self-sufficient and to facilitate global effort in meeting United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals.”

The Mission

  • Eradication of  poverty in our communities especially in the third world nations.
  • Provide comprehensive programs of growth and development for individuals as well as communities.
  • Youth development and empowerment
  • Create an environment and use activities that foster mutual respect, resilience, self-esteem, self-regulation, self-efficacy and leadership
  • Promote awareness and acceptance of diversity

Worldview Mission  (WM) Areas of Concern:

  • Community development
  • Community service and volunteering
  • Economic development
  • Family and Parenting
  • Poverty and hunger
  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Employment
  • Micro-finance Micro
  • Humanrights Court
  • Women Entrepreneur Program
  • Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change
  • Clean water
  • Health
  • Promote Gender equality and Empower women
  • United Nations Millennium Developments Goals (MDG’s)  &  2015-Post Development Agenda


  • Our programs are financed by donations and fundraising events.
  • You can help us provide these programs in our communities and other places to make a difference in someone’s  life

REFERENCES  of  Ms. Hélène H. Oord:

Mr Richard Jordan,  USA, UN, New York

United Nations Officer



Mr. Scott Moore & Mrs Tracy Moore , Project One Inc , UN Ecosoc Consultative Status

Mrs. Carla Busbee, Project One Inc. United Nations Ecosoc Consultative Status

Dr. T. L. Lowery,  T.L. L, Foundation   http://tllowery.org/  UN Ecosoc Consultative Status


Mr. Gary Gardener, USA-New York

UN Conference Officer

United Nations, New York


Mrs Vera van Os  




Dr. P. J. Puntenney

Environmental & Human Systems Management
1989 West Liberty


Prof. Jan Peter Balkenende, Ph.D., LL.M.,

M.A.|Partner Ernst & Young Nederland

LLP Boompjes 258,

3011 XZ, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Office: +31 88 407 90 28

Site: http://www.ey.com/NL/nl/ Prof. Jan-Peter-Balkenende -bij-Ernst-Young

UN. Sustainlable Publication.pdf

E-Mail: jan.peter.balkenende@nl.ey.com

Phone: +31 88 407 90 28  /  Fax +31 88 407 89 93

Em: amalia.angel.rodriguez@nl.ey.com

Assistant: Phn: +31 88 407 8716

Dutch Sustianable Growth Coalition (DSGC  1)

Leadership and Corporate Governance for Sustainable Growth Business Models

Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition (DSGC 2 PDF)  Models, DSGC Publication


Mr. Aart De Geus

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Bertelsmann Stiftung

Carl-Bertelsmann-Straße 256 | 33311 Gütersloh | Germany

Phone: +49 5241 81-81515 | Fax: +49 5241 81-681515

E-Mail: aart.degeus@bertelsmann-stiftung.de |

Mr. Aart De Geus with  Dr. Kofi Annan erhält den Reinhard Mohn Preis 2013


How EU & UN Cooperate together Leporello_EU-VN_eLeporello_EU-VN_e


Website:      www.bertelsmann-stiftung.de


Mr. Joop Atsma



E-mail: j.atsma@planet.nl     /    +31(0)512363668 Mob


  • Worldview Mission 2015-Post Development Involvement Rotterdam-Netherlands /EU 

Worldview Mission (WM) is heavily involved in the Post 2015 and MDG’s work and is supporting

youth and women consultations in Asia, Africa and EU to make sure that the voice of the

marginalised are incorporated in designing the next set of development goals.

Half the world is under 25 – that’s over 3.5 billion people. 87% of young people live in

developing countries, disproportionately affected by their community and country‟s most

pressing problems. More than 30% of 15-24 year olds in the world live on less than $2 a

day. And yet, young people remain isolated from decision-making processes, frequently

overlooked as a resource for change and development. Young people are a vital asset in the

formulation and leadership of any new commitments to global development and tackling

poverty worldwide. Hugely impressive work is being led by young people aiming to combat

the same challenges the MDGs set out to overcome but offering different perspectives and

new methodologies and tools. However, often this work does not gain enough profile and

young people are markedly absent from the decision-making processes, despite the

nuances and expertise that they have to offer. Participation is a fundamental human right.

Youth, as any other group has the right and potential to be meaningfully engaged in

development of the post-2015 development agenda.

Worldview Mission EU Post2015Stakeholders meeting Netherlands


Apart from advocacy, Worldview Mission  supports ongoing and scheduled works

 connected to the UN Millenium Goals and 2015-Post Development Agenda.

I am sharing my recent blog :

The High Level Panel on post 2015 Development Planning is submitting its report to the UN Secretary General in the end of May. The Panel agreed that its vision and responsibility should include a determination to “end poverty in all its forms” and to “have in place the building blocks of sustained prosperity for all”. They also felt there is strong interest in going beyond poverty reduction to include job-creating growth, protecting the environment and providing equity, peace, security, justice and freedom. The Panel agreed to develop a global agenda with global responsibilities. This vision is widely expected to be bold and ambitious. As the Panel prepares to submit its report, the challenge is to ensure that the report sets a framework for a transformative, universal, people-centered development while clearly outlining a bold and relevant commitments needed to ensure a new paradigm for sustainable development that is deeply grounded in sound economic, social, cultural, civil human rights obligations and easy to galvanize collective political action around.
Young people have been consulted during the High Level Panel meetings right from the very beginning. In London under the theme of Household Poverty, young people said poverty cannot go away without their meaningful involvement. In Liberia under the theme of National Building Blocks for Sustained Prosperity, young people urged the panel to put youth at the center of economic transformation and social equity. And in the last meeting in Bali under the theme of Global Partnership and Means of Implementation, we called on all stakeholders to ensure that partnership with young people through actively engaging them in planning, implementation and monitoring development are at the heart of the post 2015. The logic of these outreach meetings is that any effort to eradicate individual and household poverty must be supported by sound national policies and strengthened by global partnership. This is a true at the level of rhetoric. Action is what we want now! Ending poverty among young people will entail some increasing of their income and reducing their expenditure. Increasing income will mean active and dignified insertion of youth in the work ensuring them a good wage and decent jobs. Reducing expenditure will mean basic social services like health, education; water and housing are accessible, of quality and affordable.
Read the full article as published by ‘My World’ :  http://blog.myworld2015.org/?p=322&preview=true
My involvement in the post MDG’s process .
http://www.unausa.org/   Particularly , I am involved in global advocacy work which focuses on putting young people at the heart of development policy and practice, prioritizing the post-2015 agenda. Key to his approach to the process is working collaboratively with partners in the youth sectors to maximize coordination and involvement of organizations in the global conversation. My recent works in support of the Post 2015 Agenda include:

-Brazilian government/UNDP selected Youth Mobilizer forRio+20 Dialogues ( <http://www.riodialogues.org> ) -Africa youth representative to the Africa We Want beyond 2015 SCO consultation, Monrovia -Youth representative to the UN post 2015 Outreach Planning Group -Global south youth representative at the Post 2015 High Level Panel meeting, London -Partner to ‘My World’ post 2015 online and offline survey -Planned and delivered a youth consultation with UN Special Adviser on Post 2015 Development Agenda, Kenya -Participant at Bali Youth Global Forum as a follow up to the implementation of Programme of Action of the ICPD beyond 2014, Indonesia -Speaker at mobile platform initiative enabling African youth participation in the post 2015 agenda  inception workshop, Johanesburg. -Beyond 2015 Children and Youth Working Group nominee for the Beyond 2015 Drafting Committee on Vision, Values, Criteria and Purpose -Organizing partner and speaker at the Africa Youth Conference on Post 2015, Nairobi -Appointed post 2015 Youth Ambassador for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in the post 2015 process. -Youth delegate at the immediate  UNEP and UNHABITAT  Governing Councils -Production of post 2015 youth toolkit on WASH -Organizing committee member of  the Kenya National post 2015 consultation . -Youth Panel speaker on ‘The Journey Young People have Travelled in the Post 2015’ at the Monrovia Post 2015 High Level; Panel -National Focal Point and appointed African champion, ‘Post 2015 Mobile Campaign’ – -Youth delegate at the 4th High Level Panel on post 2015 development agenda, Bali Indonesia -Panel speaker at the Asian parliamentary forum for acceleration of achievement of MDGs, Bali Indonesia -Post This2015 youth engagement at the 2013 Commonwealth Local Government Conference ,Kampala and others.

Mr. Willice O. Onyango











My World global survey logo

http://www.un.org/en/documents/charter/   /  http://www.myworld2015.org/ 


http://unglobalcompact.org/                        https://worldviewmission.nl/?page_id=249

Code  of  Ethics  &  Conduct  for  NGO’s

Compliance Manual

http://www.wango.org/codeofethics.aspx              /           Wango Codes & Ethics Form

The Nexus Conference Videos of the plenaries will be up online each night http://nexusconference.web.unc.edu/

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During his momentous time as Secretary-General of the UN, Kofi Annan played a decisive role in launching the Millennium Development Goals, establishing the International Criminal Court, and creating the Global Compact. These and other crucial events are encapsulated in Mr. Annan’s forthcoming book of speeches, “We the Peoples: A UN for the 21st Century”, to be published in the spring of 2014.

Click here to find out

 more: http://kofiannanfoundation.org/kofi-annan/book-speeches

Kofi Annan erhält den Reinhard Mohn Preis 2013

Der Friedensnobelpreisträger und ehemalige Generalsekretär der Vereinten Nationen Kofi Annan hat den Reinhard Mohn Preis der Bertelsmann Stiftung erhalten. Annan nahm die mit 200.000 Euro dotierte Auszeichnung am 7. November 2013 aus den Händen der stellvertretenden Vorstandsvorsitzenden der Bertelsmann Stiftung, Liz Mohn, vor rund 500 Gästen im Gütersloher Stadttheater entgegen.




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*Worldview Mission  is Standing Up ,* Taking Action* , **Making Noise for the United Nations MDGL’s !!!**





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