Country Representatives (CR’s) Worldview Mission

Sr. No. Country CR Name Continent Phone – I Phone – II Email – I
1 Nigeria Mr. Michael Adedotun West Africa 
2 Malawi Mr. Kelvin O. Okhuarobo Southern Africa 
3 Sudan Ms. Nemtalla Shawgi Africa  
4 Kampala-Uganda Mr Denis  Ruhorimbere Africa 
5 Togo Mr. William Mensa Kwami Tsedze Africa 
6 Mali Mr. Doumbia Kabine Africa 
7 Suriname Ms Raynal M.G. Oord South America
8 Gabon Ms. Nancy Jacques Igor Ontsiriga Africa 
9 Kenya Mr Denis Ruhorimbere East Africa 
10 South Africa Mr. Serge Kubanza Africa 
11 Madagascar Miss. Hasina Reine Rakotondraina Africa 
12 Suriname Ms Roline F. Bottse South America
13 Cameroon Mr. Peter A. Ako Africa 
14 Zambia Mr. Kelvin O. Okhuarobo East Africa
15 Tunisia Miss Rabeb Aloui Africa 
16 Burkina-Faso Mr. Harouna Sandwidi Africa 
17 Lesotho Mr. Nkuebe Zakia Peete Africa info#worldviewmission,nl
18 UAE Ms. Simran Vedyas Asia 
19 Ghana Mr. Benjamin K. Tsikata Africa 
20 Ghana Mr. Joseph Senyo Kwahisie Africa
21 Pakistan Ms. Shagufta Jabran Asia
22 India Miss Suman Kasana Asia 
23 Kigali Rwanda & Burundi Mr Denis  Ruhorimbere East Afrika
24 Cameroon Mr. Peter Ako West Africa 
25 Sierra Leone Mr. Lawrence Kaikuda Onyx-Fangawa West Africa
26 United Kingdom EU
27 Guinee-Bissau Mr. Kelvin O. Okhuarobo West Africa
28 Kinshasa-Congo Mr Denis  Ruhorimbere Central- Africa
29 Bolivia Mr. Alan Jarandilla Nuñez Latin America 
30 Canada Mr. Anant S. Dhillon North America 
31 Netherland’s &  Suriname (South America) Ms. Hélène H. Oord / founder & Worldview Mission Director NL/ EU cc/:
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Worldview Mission, Headquarter, “Kingdom of the Netherlands”

Contact Ms. Hélène H. Oord

Chair Fouder of  Worldview Mission to the United Nations

PR-Media, Int’l  Relations Liaison to the United Nations


Liaison- Ambassador to Project One Inc. to the United Nations with UN/ECOSOC Status 

Address: Beemsterhoek 14,  2905 XA, Capelle A/D IJssel, NL

T: +31(0)636 108 563

(Netherlands-EU) , Registered: RSIN, ANBI 851082403 B01


SEPA: Bank Account nr.:  NL08 ABNA 0506 0822 02


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