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Friendship Ambassadors Foundation (FAF):

 Your trusted partner in preparing concerts tours, educational and volunteer programs, 

both in the USA and abroad, for over 40 years! 

“After having been on numerous concert tours organized by 

various operators and in many different countries, I have finally found the answer to any choir or performing ensemble: 

Friendship Ambassadors Foundation.

  – Bernard Krüger, Director of Music Kearsney College, South Africa

2012 World Choir Games Champion in Scenic Folklore Category

Now is the perfect time to plan for 2015:

From Asia to Africa, the US to the Caribbean, 

Europe and Latin America, 

here are a few of FAF’s 2015 ideas for 

your groups’ next life-changing tour experience!

2015/Choirs: Rhythms of One World  

International Choral Festival (New York)

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“Nations United in Song” – New York Times 

The 2015 Festival celebration will take place at Lincoln Center and the United Nations in NYC!

Perform in New York’s most iconic venues 

Apply here for consideration as a featured ensemble

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Rhythms of One World 

2015 International Choral Festival is taking place in MANHATTAN, NYC  June 27-July 4, 2015!  

Sing at the UNs iconic General Assembly Hall and at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center with some of the best choral ensembles in the world. Individual choral concerts throughout the week, Flash Mobs before nationwide TV at Rockefeller Center, plus live webcasting worldwide by the UN and TV coverage of the final mass concert throughout Manhattan on Time Warner cable!

The Rhythms of One World festival fosters cultural unity through song, and celebrates the anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter (June 26, 1945, We the Peoples). The Rhythms of One World is NYCs ONLY choir festival in 2015.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this special, annual event in June 2015!

Apply HERE to attend the Rhythms of One World 2015

Watch the 2012 UN General Assembly Hall Concert  

Dates: June 27-July 4, 2015   

Now accepting 2014 applications from US and international choirs! 

Apply for 2015 on or before December 14, 2014

2015/Choirs: Rhythms of One World Special Edition in Ireland

January 12-19, 2015: Killarney- Dublin- Belfast. 

Perform at the Irish National Events Centre in Killarney and at the National Concert Hall in Dublin. The Rhythms of One World 2015 Festival in Ireland is with the support of Tourism Ireland New York, and in partnership with the Royal Irish Academy of Music, the Association of Irish Choirs, and UNICEF Ireland.

Application deadline: September 15, 2014!

Last Minute Applications accepted by email, only:

Call 1-800-526-2908.   

2015/Research, Educational Exchange, Concerts:  WM Logo Cuba by FAF infoCuba in the truest traditions of Friendship Ambassadors Special academic, cultural, and religious exchanges available to certain ensembles and academic groups in 2015.
Due to US State Cultural Visa Requirements: All performing and non-performing ensembles and other groups may apply only by contacting FAF by email, at: or by calling: 1-800-526-2908 2015/Volunteer Groups & Ensembles FAF Service AmbassadorsBuilding Hope While Experiencing the Real Ecuador Spend a week or two to help build a much needed cultural/community center in rural Ecuador. Live, work, and even  perform with local families as you share in their culture and way of life. This is sure to be an unforgettable experience where you will make lasting relationships and treasured memories. University credit and great recommendations are available upon request.

WM Logo Indiaanse Jongetjes by FAF info


For more information about this program, or to apply to join in,  contact us at  or 1-800-526-2008 . 

2015/Arts Leadership – All Ages
Humanicy: The Nexus of Arts + Diplomacy


BARBADOS – SPRING BREAK! March 10-15, ’15

Arts ensembles, artists, academics, critics, patrons, and diplomats: Discover, share, expose, and develop ‘the human side of diplomacy’ with FAF in a new program aimed at understanding the crossroads between the Humanities, the Arts, and how they can and do affect International Diplomacy.

December 3 – 6, 2014, NYC:

Join us for a two-day Humanicy conference at UN Headquarters in New York. Dialogues, performances, art exhibits, roundtables, and more – highlighting the fact that the arts raise consciousness in order to better enable effective diplomacy between countries and regions – especiallywhere cultural strengthening is necessary to resolve disputes.

Abstracts and speakers are sought for the December events.  Outside of the UN, delegates will be treated to visual and performing arts in the world’s most cultural city. Select shows will demonstrate how the arts intersects with world events beyond entertainment – from Broadway to the Soho Galleries and back again.

Performing ensembles, cultural leaders, students and faculty all welcome to join this three-night cultural landmark series.  Last year’s main presenters included:

March 10 – 15, 2015, Barbados

WM Logos network FAF info

Humanicy takes it to next level Spring Break in the Caribbean!! Performing and visual arts ensembles and artists Faculty, Diplomats, Arts Patrons, and Cultural Thinkers Barbados has invited Humanicy to visit Barbados during the Caribbean Fine Arts Fair, taking place throughout the island nation that week.  Stay at a beach hotel with a concert hall and breakout rooms for our daily use. During the week, guest lecturers and workshop leaders will continue the discussion, encourage new arts presentations with social emphasis, and train artists in how to capture current affairs within their artistic statements. Invited guest hosts include: Joanna Sherman and Michael McGuigan – Bond Street Thea.

H. E. Ambassador Angelo Toriello – UN Permanent Mission of Sao Tome and Principe; Humanicy Benefactor

Patrick Sciarratta – Executive Director FAF, Moderator

Flash Rosenberg – Noted, Social Acitivist and Cartoonist

Len Bernstien – Noted Art Critic
John Arnold – Renowned Choral Director, Signal Hill Choir
Directors of the Caribbean Fine Arts Fair and their Stars!


For more information and costs for either event stay, all performers, visual artists, ensembles, and all individuals please contact:; 1-800-526-2908.

2015/Groups 25++: Almost Anywhere

Anyone can invent a tour itinerary or festival, but only FAF has 40 years of experience and partnerships that make them special and impactful. When your ensemble or group seriously considers its next concert tour, service tour, festival involvement, or edutour abroad, don’t make a move without consulting FAF, first.

Friendship Ambassadors Foundation has a truly global reach: for select ensembles traveling on concert tours, study, or volunteer programs – at attractive, low, nonprofit rates.  Fund raising is also a possibility during most FAF programs abroad.

Remember that FAF is renowned for its free familiarization tours. They are for directors, only, and their guests, to destinations like Ireland, Scotland, Greece, China, and Italy.

Lastly, for those ensembles and volunteer service organizations within the NY-area: remember that the foundation’s successful

WM UN Youth Logo Youth Assembly at the United Nations takes place twice annually at UN HQ.  The large youth leadership gathering ALWAYS includes youth-based, vocal and music ensembles during the three-day presentations at the UN as well as volunteer service opportunities.  The next Youth Assembly at the UN will take place at UNHQ in NYC on February 5 and 6, 2015:

 Special 2015 Festival in IrelandEducational Exchange in Cuba, Building Hope while Experiencing the Real Ecuador, NEW TOUR OPPTY: Humanicy, Let FAF Create Your 2015 Tour Program for You, 40+ Years of Service to the Field, 40+ Years of Service to the Field.

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 Why Others Support FAF

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Global Headquarters / 299 Greenwich Avenue / +1-203-542-0652 / +1-800-526-2908  /  /

Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, Inc. (FAF) is a 501c3 not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization that creates and leads transformative cultural exchanges, building friendships that advance mutual understanding and global peace.

FAF has many international affiliations including the United Nations Department of Public Information, UNESCO, American Choral Directors Association (ACDA), International Federation of Choral Music (IFCM), Greenwich Arts Council, and other associations with academic, cultural, and diplomatic institutions worldwide. UNESCO, American A portion of all FAF Cultural Exchange or Service Program costs are fully tax-deductible to all US-originating participants or families and often go to support our partners in emerging regions of the world Directors & Tour Managers: FAF suggests, but also customizes, cultural exchanges & concert tours to your needs, costs, and specifications. FAF’s  Director Familiarization / Inspection Trips (FAMs) enable the best group programming by combining the foundation’s suggestions, our local partners’ specialties, and your input and direction. Customized Programming developed together, on site, and well in advance of the actual group tour: that is the FAF way Enjoy Video Clips   of FAF’s recent concert tours:SAVE THE DATE

The Youth Assembly at the United Nations A portion of all FAF Cultural Exchange or Service Program costs are fully tax-deductible to all US-originating participants or their families and often go to support our partners in emerging regions of the world Directors & Tour Managers: FAF suggests,

but also customizes, cultural exchanges & concert tours to your needs, costs, and specifications. FAF’s Director Familiarization / Inspection Trips (FAMs) enable the best group programming by combining the foundation’s suggestions, our local partners’ specialties, and your input and direction. Customized Programming developed together, on site, and well in advance of the actual group tour: that is the FAF way Enjoy Video Clips of FAF’s recent concert tours:SAVE THE DATE The Youth Assembly at the United Nations  Winter 2015, 5 – 6 February 2015 , Youth Employment and Social Entrepreneurship Welcomed by the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, in partnership with the UN Office of Partnerships, the Resolution Project, and the Huffington Post, and endorsed by the UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth Ahamad Alhendawi, The Youth Assembly at the United Nations is a unique platform designed to empower youth leaders with global development skills. FAF trains young people throughout the world to become active participants in the success of the UNs Millennium Development Goals as well as toward the transition to its Post-2015 Development Agenda.

600 young professionals and youth delegates, representing more than 40 countries, will be welcomed at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City by UN High officials, private sector and civil society leaders. They will discuss and discover new ways of exploring social entrepreneurship and tackle youth unemployment in the framework of the UNs Post-2015 Development Agenda.

Almost a quarter of the planet’s youth are neither working nor studying, and youth occupy less than 2% of the publicly elected positions at the global level, even as they represent the largest generation of young people in history. Having three main outcomes – to offer a platform for debate, build a global network with the leaders of tomorrow, and empower youth with the essential skills needed in the new competitive work market – the Youth Assembly at the United Nations will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for its attendees.

The Youth Assembly at the United Nations, the largest youth leadership event on the United Nations’ annual calendar, developed from the cultural exchanges that began at FAF in the 1970s. For 40 years, FAF has cultivated sustainable youth development: the youth who took part in FAF’s intercultural programs became well-known and highly influential actors in the international arena: Former Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan, Senator Jay Rockefeller, Indian Minister of State Sashi Tharoor, H. E. Ambassador Simona Miculescu of Romania (Lead Endorser of the YA@UN), UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth Ahmad Alhendawi, etc. They all help – through their work – the young generations that succeed them.

Details on registration can be found at & The Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations® is a registered trademark of Friendship Ambassadors Foundation.  WM UN Yyouth Logo The Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations®  is a registered trademark of Friendship Ambassadors Foundation


Friendship Ambassadors Foundation – Fall 2015 Newsletter

 Dates: June 27-July 4, 2015   

Now accepting 2014 applications from US and international choirs! 

Apply for 2015 on or before December 14, 2014
You’re receiving this email because of your relationship with Friendship Ambassadors Foundation or interest in international cultural exchange.


Internatio​nal Youth Day 2014

Visit our website                                                       DONATE NOW          August,  2014

In celebration of International Youth Day 2014, we want to give you an exclusive unveiling of our latest production out of Latin America, written and produced by Peruvian adolescents, for Peruvian adolescents through our project My Youth-My Community: Teenage Pregnancy and Reproductive Health.

“Amor en Bujuy (Love in Bujuy)”

Our dramas have never shied away from the urgent topics of adolescent domestic violence and teenage pregnancy, so when the opportunity arose to work with youth in the underserved Peruvian provinces of Ucayali and Ayacucho, on the very subjects that affect them most, we jumped on the opportunity to facilitate the discussion and creation of two compelling dramas, known together as “Amor en Bujuy”.

The first ever radionovelas to be entirely produced and broadcast by youth in the region of Sepahua, “Amor en Bujuy” is the definitive voice of a new, sex-positive Peruvian generation.

In addition to overseeing the full-scale production of the drama, these young pioneers facilitated radio discussion programs, crafted in-depth discussion guides, and implemented their own community mobilization strategies.

The result is a product that has already begun to inspire peer youth in our young activists’ communities to demand that their sexual and reproductive health rights be respected.

“Amor en Bujuy” will be on the air until the end of the year and accompanied by radio discussion programs and community mobilization activities.

With your contribution, we hope to continue providing the space and materials to maintain this ongoing work in Peru and 50 other countries worldwide.

We would like to thank our partners, United Nations Family Planning Association (UNFPA) and CRAJUPEA for making this project a reality.

Please enjoy;  Amor en Bujuy!

PCI Media Impact 
777 United Nations Plaza – 5th Floor
New ork, NY 10017, USA
T:(212) 687-3366 F:(212) 661-4188


[UNFCCC youth] ACT: Climate summit – let’s get the voice of youth heard!

Dear All,

Great opportunity for young people and for female under 30 years from global south.

Subject: [UNFCCC youth] ACT: Climate summit – let’s get the voice of youth heard!

Hi everyone,

The Climate Summit (September 23rd, hosted by Ban Ki Moon) will soon be upon us and the UN is looking for nominations for speakers/panelists/participants.

*Speakers, Panelists and Participants*

I’ve pasted their long explanatory email below but in short:

There is *some funding *for speakers/panelists/participants They are looking for a young woman under 30 from a developing country for the opening speech – *funded* They are looking for at least one panelist under 30 – *funded* 14 funded* participants and *20 non-funded* participants All speakers will be chosen by a selection committee (more info below)

There is an online form for applying which can be found here.>

Deadline Friday 15th August. Note this opportunity is for all so please share beyond YOUNGO!!


There is also the opportunity to apply to be on the selection committee for speakers (selection for all speakers, not just youth) the info is below but – *the deadline is today, 8th August. *It would be fantastic to have a young person on this committee – please all apply!

There is an online form to apply here>

What message would you like to send?

Whatever happens I think its important that we collate some ideas that young people would like to feed in to the summit and the speeches. I’ve set up a really simple survey monkey to get this started but please shout if you have any better ideas. We can find a fun way to present this info I’m sure and hopefully get it fed in but please note, it will be up to the speakers what they say in the end 🙂

Please share this info far and wide, let’s get the voice of youth heard!*



Having trouble viewing this email? Click here to view it as a webpage.> *Para la traducción en español de este mensaje, haga clic aquí>.* *Pour la traduction française de ce message, veuillez cliquer ici>.* *Nominate civil society speakers and attendees* *for the UN Secretary-General’s 2014 Climate Summit*

Dear Colleagues,

At the request of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Climate Change Support Team (CCST), the UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service> (UN-NGLS) is conducting an open process to obtain nominations for 4 civil society speakers and 34 additional civil society attendees for the Secretary-General’s 2014 Climate Summit, which will take place on 23 September at UN Headquarters in New York. The roles for these representatives are outlined in Section A below. 18 of the 38 representatives will receive travel funding from the Executive Office of the Secretary-General. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has invited Heads of State and Government along with leaders from business, finance, and civil society to the Climate Summit to catalyze ambitious action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen climate resilience, and to mobilize political will toward achieving an ambitious, legally binding international climate change agreement by 2015. Complete information about the Climate Summit is available here–IcauZuRnJ7SgRJZ55IDZ6FDylhGYwDl_ZMZpYnRCpfkBfFqpRfGf_xrlFTTEDlDi-4kOuzc1rA3jKqsIuVxFord_wYkosbMASQ==&c=GBjrqzX671syxLfK8iKki3QwbuGrFqQYzagC46Sp073wiqmUNTqGXQ==&ch=2FrtNq25CHMSWz3SWl0IG_5QDlDPRNGR4YhRrMopR3VPGRZiJqTNUA==> Please read this entire email if you will participate in this process, as it has a few steps and specific requirements. Kindly note: this nomination process is not open to representatives of the private sector. Participation of the private sector in the Climate Summit is facilitated by the UN Global Compact> and the CCST. *A. Submit nominations for the following 4 civil society speaking roles and 34 additional attendees for the Climate Summit* *1. The following 18 civil society roles in the Climate Summit will receive travel funding from the Executive Office of the Secretary General. All candidates must be representatives of civil society organizations.* *a) One speaker in the Opening of the 2014 Climate Summit on behalf of civil society at large* Criteria: For this speaking role, the CCST is seeking a young woman (under the age of 30) from a developing country. Candidates must have a proven track record of effective advocacy or implementation of community based solutions for climate change mitigation or adaptation, as well as proven strong communication and public speaking skills. This speaker will collaborate with a diverse civil society Selection and Drafting Committee for the development of this statement (see Section C below). *b) Three panellists for the Thematic Debate “Voices from the Climate Frontlines” (organized by UNICEF and UN Women)* Criteria: Candidates must be able to proficiently address the questions in the concept note> for this Thematic Debate. At least one of these panelist roles will be given to an Indigenous person, and at least one will be given to a person under the age of 30. Two panellists will be from a developing country, and one from a developed country. *c) 14 Summit Attendees* Criteria: Candidates must have a proven track record of effective advocacy or implementation of community based solutions for climate change mitigation or adaptation. These attendees will not have speaking roles in the Summit programme. *2. An additional 20 civil society representatives will be invited to attend the Summit through this nomination process without offer of travel funding support.* These representatives will not have speaking roles in the Summit programme. *B.  Instructions for submitting nominations to UN-NGLS* *Please submit your nominations using this online form>.* *All nominations will automatically load into a google doc spreadsheet, published here>. * Before submitting a nominee, please confirm the nominee: is a representative of a civil society organization, and officially authorized by their organization/network to speak on the organization/network’s behalf. – has a proven track record of effective advocacy or implementation of community based solutions for climate change mitigation or adaptation. – has excellent competency with climate change issues, experience with presenting climate change issues in public fora, and demonstrated ability to engage constructively with a variety of stakeholders. – for a speaking role: is a compelling public speaker (the online nomination form requests links to writing samples or remarks delivered at speaking engagements). – is available to be at UN Headquarters in NY at 8:30am on 23 September, and for travel if necessary. The nominee must have a US visa, or be able to obtain one within 3 weeks, for travel to the US. Please note that the Climate Summit also involves Action Area Sessions, and leaders of civil society, non-governmental organizations and indigenous peoples that are actively contributing to announcements for those Sessions have already received invitations to the Summit via another process. Anyone receiving an invitation for an Action Area Session will not be considered for opportunities provided via this process to attend the Summit. Please check with potential nominees to see if they have received an invitation to an Action Area Session before submitting them to this process. The list of attendees for the Action Area Sessions will be provided to the civil society Selection and Drafting Committee for this process. *C.  Apply for the civil society Selection and Drafting Committee * A civil society Selection and Drafting Committee will be facilitated by UN-NGLS to evaluate all nominees and determine a short-list of 76 candidates for the roles outlined above in Section A. – 36 candidates will be submitted to the Secretary-General’s CCST for the 18 funded roles; and -40 candidates will be submitted to the Secretary-General’s CCST for the 20 unfunded attendees. The final selection of speakers will be made by the Secretary-General’s CCST, with input by UNICEF / UN Women for the roles in the Thematic Session “Voices from the Climate Frontlines,” ensuring regional, gender and age balance, and diversity of expertise. The civil society Selection and Drafting Committee will also serve to collaborate on the drafting of the statement to be delivered by the civil society speaker selected for the Opening of the Summit, to enable a diversity of constituencies to contribute perspectives to these remarks. To learn more about the Selection and Drafting Committee, and to apply to be a member, please click *here>*

Please note that members of the Selection and Drafting Committee cannot be considered for the civil society roles in the Climate Summit to be filled through this process. *D.  Timeline for participation in the nomination process* *Friday, 8 August*:  Deadline for applications to participate in the civil society Selection Committee *Friday, 15 August*:  Deadline for submission of civil society speaker nominations *Wednesday, 20 August, 8:00-10:00am EST*:  Selection Committee conference call #1, 21 August,** 8:00-10:00am EST*: Selection Committee conference call #2 Friday, 22 August, 8:00-10:00am EST*:  Selection Committee conference call #3 (if necessary) E.  Visa arrangement

The Secretary-General’s CCST will provide an invitation letter for the selected civil society speakers and attendees. These participants will be responsible for obtaining their visas for travel. Please confirm with candidates you are considering for nominations that the US Embassy/consulate in their home country will be able to issue a visa for travel to the US within 3 weeks.

We look forward to receiving your submissions. Thank you and best regards, UN-NGLS United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN-NGLS)* Web:   *> Email: <>*

Sign up for the UN-NGLS listserv here>*

 [image: Like us on Facebook]>>

Camilla Born | UK Youth Climate Coalition | | | <> |skype: camilla.born | UK: +44 (0) 7970624263

Ntiokam Divine Child Labour Champion Focal Point,Follow-up to the  Brasilia Declaration Global Youth Digital Advocate Post -2015 and MY World 2015 skype: ntiokam.divine Cell:(+237) 73 35 98 10


Dear Friends – Please share this announcement with your networks:


The  7th  World  Youth  Congress

Conakry, Guinea, West Africa – November 11th to 21st 2014

– Charting a path to Full Youth Employment by 2030 – 

A Project of Peace Child International

I am delighted to announce the 7th in our series of World Youth Congresses.  You can apply for a place here:

Apply soon, as the Deadline for Applications is: Sunday 14th September.

This is a proud moment for me and Peace Child International: this Congress will be our first in Sub-Saharan Africa; the first to schedule a High Level Segment where the young delegates will discuss their ideas directly with Heads of State and Agency leaders; the first to be organised in partnership with a Minister for Youth Employment, and therefore, the first to focus directly on solving the problem of youth unemployment. (I attach the 1st Draft of the Conakry Commitment: charting a path to full youth employment by 2030 – which you should read and comment on in your application form.)

I realise that Guinea is currently experiencing an outbreak of Ebola. While the government and the UN expect to have the disease under control long before our Congress in November, please know that I and the Minister will not invite a single young person to our Congress until they both confirm the country is 100% Ebola-free. If it is not Ebola-free by November, we will postpone the Congress.

Having visited Guinea a lot these last ten years to set up and monitor the progress of our Be the Change Academy there, I have come to know it as one of the most vibrant, self-confident African countries – one with fantastic entrepreneurs, and one whose current leadership seeks to make it the most transparent, most green, and the most youth-friendly country in Africa. It has some of Africa’s most astonishing and beautiful scenery, too.

I hope I will see you there in November.

Best wishes, 

David Woollcombe, President, Peace Child International

International Director and Licensee, World Youth Congress Series

The Conakry Commitment – Discussion Draft (1)

Voorbeeld van bijlage The Conakry Commitment – Discussion Draft.docx weergeven

The Conakry Commitment – Discussion Draft.docx
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[WorldYout​h] Artisans, Designers, Crafts Lovers; Here You Go !! A New Platform Show Your Work In Africa.!!

Hello All

 Kindly Help Us Spread the word about ,  An online social marketplace with the mission of providing an online  platform for millions of Unemployed African-Youth to show their Arts, Designs, and Craft works/products for socio-economic empowerment. vision is to turn  African-Youth’s  Passion Into Business for socio-economic Empowerments. 

Please Sign Up here:  And Share and Invite friends to do the same.

If you wish to become a Partner, Please contact the Team at for more information

Thank you very much.  / [WorldYouth] <> wrote:

 Hi all,

I’m organising our 2nd Transformational Media Summit – how storytelling & media can help create a better world.

This year’s main summit organised in partnership with the UN Foundation will take place in Washington, DC with associated events across the globe.

Themes include, women & media, technology for social impact, transformational film, and constructive journalism.

Please see the website for more details and let me know if you’d like to organise an associated event.

If you can’t make it to DC, you can also find out more about our network’s initiatives online or become involved with one of our projects leveraging the power of media for good:

Transformational Media 2014

Transformational Media 2014

A new summit bringing together pioneers from across the world to exp

View on


Jeremy  /  @transformingmed

Co Founder  /  Transformational Media Initiative

Edmund Pereira  /  Co-Founder & Director

Globe Software Ltd  /  P.O.Box CT8190, East Cantonment

Accra-Ghana  /  Mobile: +233246714801




Visit our website at
Secretariat Address: World Assembly of Youth, World Youth Complex, Jalan Lebuh Raya, 75450 Melaka, Malaysia.
Telephones: +6062321871 or +6062322711 Fax: +6062327271