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Your Comments on the Themes of the High Level Youth Policy Dialogue on SDGs


Dear Colleagues,

As you are aware, a High Level Youth Policy Dialogue on SDGs will be convened in July 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya. The meeting preparations are ongoing very well spearheaded by a Youth Steering Committee Co-Chaired by OAYouth and IFAPA.  Other members include youth organizations, representatives from 4 UN Agencies and the AU Youth Division.
The steering committee has come up with themes that will form the basis of the discussion in the dialogue and we want to solicit your input or comments The dialogue will be organized in form of plenary discussions, parallel sessions on different thematics, working groups and a cultural event. The dialogue will run for 3 days.
Below  are the thematic areas and session topics:
  1. Sustainable Development Goals in Context: What Role and Opportunities for African Youth?
  2. Full employment and access to decent work
  3. Education for Sustainable Development: African Youth Perspective
  4. Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development.
  5. Youth Civic Engagement, Peacebuilding and Political Participation
  6. Health and HIV/AIDS.
  7. Youth in the Age of Information Communications Technology and Innovations.
  8. Sustainable environment and addressing climate change.
Special Panel/Plenary Discussions:
  1. Assessing the AU African Youth Decade Plan of Action in the Context of AU Agenda 2063
  2. African Common Position on Post-2015 Agenda: Youth Key Asks
  3. African Youth and African Diaspora: A Dialogue Across Continents
  4. Youth and the Media
  5. Young + Aged Solidarity Dialogue: Integrating youth and older people into the Post 2015 Agenda Framework.
We will be glad to read your comments. Do these topics reflect the issues we young people want to be top priority in the post-2015 agenda? Any topic we should add or remove? 
Also, we would love your your suggestions on possible speakers we can invite to participate in the dialogue, particularly top level in person in organizations who are champions of the youth agenda.
And we expect to make the call for youth delegates in May.
Warm regards,

George Ndungu,
Secretary for International Affairs and Kenya Chairperson.
Organisation of African Youth (
Executive Committee Member- Beyond 2015.
















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