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Beijing+20: Women and Poverty — Don’t miss Nobel Peace Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, infographic on poverty and more


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[action2015-campaigning] Global Hub – Recruiting a Senior Communications Officer and a Senior Administrative & Event Officer


 action2015 Senior Communications Officer JOB DESCRIPTION

action2015 Senior Administrative & Event Officer JOB DESCRIPTION


Subject: [action2015-campaigning] Global Hub – Recruiting a Senior Communications Officer and a Senior Administrative & Event Officer
Dear colleagues,

 We are now ready to recruit two additional staff members to the Global Hub: a Senior Communications Officer and a Senior Administrative & Event Officer. Please circulate the attached vacancies to your networks and encourage qualified applicants to apply.

 The action/2015 Senior Communications Officer will provide communications advice and support for the delivery of a highly innovative and effective campaign with the development and implementation of communication and media strategies for projects, campaigns and events.

 The action/2015 Senior Administrative & Event Officer will provide administrative and logistical support to the campaign, help facilitate internal campaign communications and support participating organizations in the effective coordination of the campaign while building and maintaining its momentum.  

 Qualified candidates should submit a cover letter and CV in English via email to:

 Deadline for applications is 5 November 2014, but applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

 Many thanks and best wishes,

Marie L’Hostis

Global Hub Coordinator

Phone: +51 1 242 4628  /  Mobile: +51 95 95 24 995  / Skype: marie_lhostis

Email:    /



[Beyond 2015:323] Please help us improve the Beyond 2015 campaign!

En Français en dessous Email español y enlace de la encuesta seguirá esta semana – Disculpas nuestro traductor está enfermo …

Dear Beyond 2015

In October 2014, Beyond 2015 will be working with an independent M&E specialist to conduct a mid-term review of the campaign. Beyond 2015 is committed to support the active participation of all its members and this review will evaluate our work to date and suggest how we can improve in order to ensure the emergence of a global, overarching, cross-thematic framework that succeeds the Millennium Development Goals in 2015 through a process that is participatory, inclusive and responsive to the voices of those directly affected by poverty and injustice.

A key input into this mid-term review is a ‘Stocktaking Survey’ which we hope as many of our participating organisations as possible will complete. The Stocktaking Survey will provide an opportunity for the whole campaign to reflect on the post-2015 process to date (both within Beyond 2015 and externally), and to project for the final 12 months of the post-2015 negotiations. It will also help guide the political strategy of Beyond 2015.

As such, we are pleased to share with you a brief survey, which I would encourage all organisations participating in Beyond 2015 to spend a few minutes completing. Please click here to access the survey!

The survey includes 30 questions (the majority of which are multiple choice) and should take around 15 minutes to complete.

We would ask you to complete the survey before midnight CET on Sunday 28 September. This will allow the Secretariat time to compile the results for the consideration of the M+E specialist, who will start work with us on 1 October.

We want to make sure the campaign is working as well as possible to achieve our goals of an ambitious, transformative and universal post-2015 development agenda that leaves no-one behind. This Stocktaking Survey is a crucial way to help us do this.

Once again, the link to the survey:

With thanks

George Ndungu (Organisation of African Youth, Kenya) and Andrew Griffiths (Sightsavers, UK)

Chère campagne Beyond 2015

En Octobre 2014, Beyond 2015 travaillera avec un spécialiste indépendant pour faire une évaluation à mi-parcours de la campagne. Beyond 2015 s’est engagé à soutenir la participation active de toutes les organisations participantes à la campagne, et ce sondage évaluera notre travail à ce jour et indiquer comment nous pouvons améliorer en vue d’assurer l’émergence d’un cadre global multithématique pour le développement après 2015 et que le processus d’élaboration de ce cadre est participatif, inclusif et sensible aux voix de ceux qui sont directement touchés par la pauvreté et l’injustice.

Un élément clé dans cette revue est un «sondage d’OSC » Nous encourageons toutes les organisations participantes de Beyond2015 de compléter. Le sondage d’OSC bilan sera l’occasion pour la campagne de réfléchir sur le processus post-2015 à ce jour (à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur de Beyond 2015), et de projeter sur les 12 derniers mois de négociations post-2015. Il aidera également à orienter la stratégie politique de Beyond 2015.

En tant que tel, nous sommes heureux de partager avec vous ce sondage, et on vous encourage chaudement de passer quelques minutes à compléter. Cliquez ici pour accéder au sondage!

Le sondage comprend 30 questions (dont la majorité est à choix multiple) et devrait prendre environ 15 minutes à remplir.

Nous vous invitons à remplir le questionnaire avant minuit CET le dimanche 28 Septembre. Cela permettra au Secrétariat le temps de compiler les résultats pour le spécialiste  qui commencera son travail le 1er Octobre.

Nous voulons nous assurer que la campagne fonctionne aussi bien que possible pour atteindre nos objectifs partages d’un cade de post-2015 ambitieux, de transformateur universel qui ne laisse personne derrière. Ce sondage est un moyen essentiel pour nous aider à faire cela.

Une fois de plus, le lien du sondage:


George Ndungu (Organisation of African Youth, Kenya) et Andrew Griffiths (Sightsavers, UK)

Co-presidents de Beyond 2015

Best regards

Leo Williams

International Coordinator

Beyond 2015

Tel: 0032 2 743 87 97


Dear Community of Educators, 

Our side event for CSD 19 we had the honor of partnering with the UN Safe Planet Campaign and working with then Executive Secretary of the Stockholm Convention, Donald Cooper, now with the UNFCCC working on mitigation/ finance and Michael Stanley-Jones, communications.  The event was a major success and we continue to follow the progress on this important initiative.  We send a hearty “Congratulations” to Michael on his new position joining the staff of the Joint UN Development Programme – UN Environment Programme “Poverty-Environment Initiative bringing his many skills and talents in communications, outreach and knowledge management working on the pro-poor sustainable development agenda worldwide.

Colleagues in Nairobi, Kenya, welcome Michael and his wife on our behalf. 

All the best,

Pam Puntenney and Bremley Lyngdoh

UN SD Education Caucus Co-Chairs

Co-Coordinators Climate Change

Dr. P. J. Puntenney

Environmental & Human Systems Management

1989 West Liberty       

 Ann Arbor, MI  48103  USA 


Cell:  (734) 330-0238

Voice/Fax: (734) 994-3612

Safe Planet welcomes new campaign focal point Charlie Avis, BRS bids farewell to campaign co-creator Michael S. Jones

On 23 August, Safe Planet: the United Nations Campaign for Responsibility on Hazardous Chemicals and Wastes´ co-creator Michael S. Jones departed Geneva to move to Nairobi where he joins the staff of the Joint UN Development Programme-UN Environment Programme (UNDP-UNEP) Poverty-Environment Initiative.  Michael will be responsible for communications, outreach and knowledge management in the Initiative´s Poverty-Environment Facility, supporting the pro-poor sustainable development agenda globally.

Safe Planet welcomes Charlie Avis, a former Poverty-Environment Initiative Programme Officer, who has taking up the post of Public Information Officer of the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions, and serves as focal point of the UN Safe Planet Campaign as of 15 August. He may be reached at

“Since its launch in February 2010, Safe Planet Campaign has made a major contribution to raising awareness of the challenges we face from hazardous chemicals and wastes, and the role of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions in presenting solutions to the challenges. It has also been a huge and unforgettable part of both my professional and personal life,” Michael said.

“I intend to remain active in the Campaign as a friend and advisor. I  look forward to expanding its reach within the environmental justice community I now serve in my new capacity.”

Jana Hajduchova, Friend of Safe Planet, and Michael Jones are relocating to Nairobi

Michael´s new assignment is effective as of 15 August 2014. He remained at the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions (BRS) in Geneva as part of the hand-over of his former duties to Charlie Avis.

As part of the transition, BRS has migrated website of Friends of Safe Planet to the Secretariat’s servers in Geneva. currently serves as respository of the Campaign´s activities from its inception through Rio +20 Conference in June 2012.

“Safe Planet Campaign continues through the strong commitment and support of its members, and remains an integral part of the communication and outreach effort of the BRS Secretariat.  I am leaving behind a strong and talented team at BRS and many wondrous memories of the work we have accomplished together.  I wish to thank everyone at the Secretariat and within the UN Safe Planet community for all their kindness, enthusiasm and support during these past 4 ½ years,” Michael added.

For the latest information on the Safe Planet Campaign, visit the Safe Planet Community on



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