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John C. Maxwell  Pics

Dr. John C. Maxwell & Ms. Hélène  H. Oord during Leadership training  invitees at the United Nations breakfast reception.  All United Nations Officials Ambassadors were present during the Generally Assembly, for the leadership training.

The 5 levels of Leader Youtube:

Christian Ambassy, 2007 New York.

UN breakfast reception,  all UN Officials Ambassadors were present during the Generally Assembly, for the leadership training.

August 2007, invited by United Nations /Christian Embassy , (John Austin & Michael

Larry, John  Rob, organizers)  More info :——————————————————————————————WORLDVIEW MISSION   department Media:  ( BOD )    BOARD OF DIRECTORS  INT’L H. Oord-Olumide-Willice1.pdf—–

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Dear Ms. Ms. Hélène Oord

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Please retain the ID Number for your records as it will be required to check on the status of your accreditation and to complete the accreditation process.

If you have not already done so, please forward your duly signed letter of assignment by fax to or as a scanned document in jpeg format or as a PDF to mail@un .

You will be notified by email of your accreditation status as soon as possible.

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The Media Accreditation and Liaison Unit team
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Joshua Boyd’s Bio

Joshua is a Communications Specialist. Joshua began his experience in theater and public speaking since the age of 7. By time he was a teenager he was hosting events, speaking at graduations, performing at speech competitions, and acting in off-Broadway shows.

When Joshua entered college he took his talents to study Communications. Through his college career he worked in Hollywood, even had a cameo in a SYFY movie called “Mega Piranha”. He was a newscaster for his college; metaled at a National Speech tournament; hosted, edited and produced his own documentary; a youth delegate to the United Nations; and worked in the Massachusetts Statehouse. Joshua graduated as an honor student with a Communications and Media Studies Bachelor’s degree from Fisher College.

After graduation Joshua has had the opportunity to work on a show for the Food Network called “All-star Academy Season 2”. Later he landed a job working for Congressman Gregory Meeks in Queens, New York. Here he worked as a political consultant and also worked as Head Coordinator for Hillary Clinton’s campaign within the congressional district. He worked as Head Coordinator during the New York Primary. At the end of the Primary, Joshua’s district had the highest percentage of voters who voted for Hillary Clinton; out of 21 districts. Joshua recently had an opportunity to do a project in West Africa for United Banks for Africa. He started in Nigeria and traveled to Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, and Senegal.

Joshua is passionate about the field of communications. In addition to his communications background, Joshua is working on sharping his business skill by pursuing a Master’s degree in Management at Harvard University. Joshua is currently a grad student at Harvard University—studying online—and aims to graduate by 2021.

Joshua would love to take his experiences and expertise to assist you with your projects to maximize the reach of your brand, services, or ideas. As CEO of Agent of Change Int’l he believes in going above the call of duty. It is not just about producing a good product, but producing a product that goes above the status-quo. Joshua believes that his consultation can take your business to the next level through creative and disruptive innovation.

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Earth Charter   “Our Moving Border”

The formal Prime Minister Dr. R.F.M. (Ruud) Lubbers  Co-founder  of The Earth Charter UN High Commissioner for Refugees

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Mr. Olumide Idowu

Worldview Mission Media Boardmember Int’l

HEAD Department Social Media


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Skype: helene.oord   /  Skype: helene.oord21 


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Hélène H. Oord,  Rosline Nievens & Cliff Jacobs join hosts QPTV re-cable Casts

QUEENS, New York Update: Hélène H. Oord Special guest invited by:

A Town Hall Meeting Part 1: First Amendment Under Fire



An assortment of opinionated community members had the opportunity to discuss various issues of importance concerning our First Amendment rights. The lively panel featured Ibrahim Martin Lyons, Imam; Guy B. Palumbo, Lt. Colonel (Ret.) U.S Army; William “Bill” Scott, attorney; and Rubin Roberson, retired corrections officer. In this program, discussion is focused on whether an Islamic cultural center should be built two blocks from Ground Zero. During this heated yet friendly debate, the main question on everyone’s mind is: Should the Islamic community be allowed to build a cultural center near Ground Zero or should it be more sensitive to the families of the victims of 9/11? Produced and made possible by Daniel Leone, Clifford Jacobs, Roslyn Nieves, Robert Strahle, and the entire QPTV staff. Be sure to tune in for this lively and insightful debate.

Images  More info please visit:

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