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Nederlandse bezoekers aan Aquatech China 2015

Beste allen

U heeft zich recentelijk geregistreerd voor Aquatech China 2015, dank hiervoor. Aangezien u Nederlandse bent of voor een Nederlands bedrijf werkt, willen we u graag uitnodigen voor de Holland receptie op donderdag 11 juni van 15:30-17:00 op het Holland paviljoen hall 7.2 stand 1D152. Deze receptie wordt verzorgd door NBSO Nanjing en ondersteund door het Nederlandse Consultaat in Shanghai.

De pdf in de bijlage is uw uitnodiging en kunt u meebrengen naar de receptie. Graag RSVP naar van het Nederlandse Consulaat.

Tevens kunt u deelnemen in de workshop ‘Succesful Selling in the Chinese Water Technology sector’. Voor meer info zie en misschien ook leuk om Nederlandse bedrijven te horen over hun China water business thijdese het Holland Seminar (zie bijlage).

Bij interesse kunt u zich opgeven door mij te antwoorden.

Met vriendelijke groet,

(Ms.) Annelies Schenk

Project head Aquatech Global Events

Amsterdam RAI│RAI Exhibitions│ Postbus 77777│ 1070 MS Amsterdam│T +31 20 549 1943
+31 6 48782295│Skype aschenk84 │ │


Network Reception Holland Pavillion at Aquatech China 2015


Holland Seminar at AquaTech China 2015_with translation




SouthViews: China’s boost to South-South cooperation

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VIP confirmation: INDUSTRIAL LEADERS FORUM 2015 @ Aquatech China 2015

Dear Helene Oord,

We are glad you are interested in the Industrial Leaders Forum 2015 including the CDP China water launch and roundtable discussions on June 10.

Please find attached your official and personal VIP confirmation letter (valid both for the morning and for the afternoon sessions). This letter is also your official entry ticket for the Aquatech China show, so please do not forget to bring it to the venue.

Venue information:
National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

South entrance

No.168 East Yinggang Rd.

Qingpu District, Shanghai

P.R. China



上海国际水展 7.2 馆 和 8.2馆


NOTE: bring the Chinese address + floorplan for taxi driver and make sure that you will be dropped off at the South Entrance!

We look forward to meeting you in Shanghai on June 10,

Kind Regards,

(Ms.) Annelies Schenk

Project Head  Aquatech China & ILF

Amsterdam RAI│RAI Exhibitions│ Postbus 77777│ 1070 MS Amsterdam│T +31 20 549 1943
+31 6 48782295│Skype aschenk84 │ │


China Industrial leaders Forum 2015_Programme Outline


China official VIP confirmation ILF-Helene Oord


China Conference room M





China’s water crisis opens giant market for business



WM China AquaTech

Aquatech China: Things you should know before you go

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WM China Water Crisis banner


National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)
South entrance
No.168 East Yinggang Rd.
Qingpu District, Shanghai
P.R. China



Industrial Leaders Forum 2015 in Shanghai @ Aquatech China 2015

(June 10-12)


Dear Sir/Madam,

During Aquatech Amsterdam 2013 you had registered for the Industrial Leaders Forum.

We are very pleased to inform you that we also organize the ILF platform in Shanghai, at Aquatech China 2015 (June 10-12).

We would like to inform and invite you to this special ILF edition as a VIP:

CDP will be launching its first report focused on the need for corporate water disclosure in China at Aquatech China 2015.

The report launch will be facilitated by CDP COO Sue Howells and consist of a short presentation from HSBC, investor member of CDP’s water program, followed by an expert panel discussion with high level water sustainability leaders ( Coca-Cola, Suez and Mckinsey ) reviewing the report’s findings and the case for action by corporations, investors and policy makers.

Please see the following links and attachments for more info:


-    — Aquatech ILF website


-  —article about ILF 2015

-          Attached à VIP invitation letter + Programme outline

You can reply to this email if you would like to join this forum. Or course we understand it you are not able to travel all the way to China, therefore we also want to give you the opportunity to receive the CDP China Water Report. Please indicate your interest by sending me an email.

Also save the date for Aquatech Amsterdam as the Industrial Leaders Forum will be returning to Aquatech Amsterdam on November 5, 2015.

Kind regards,

(Ms.) Annelies Schenk

Project Head Aquatech Global Events


Amsterdam RAI│RAI Exhibitions│ Postbus 77777│ 1070 MS Amsterdam│T +31 20 549 1943
+31 6 48782295│Skype aschenk84 │ │


Outline for ILF_ CDP China Report Launch _ Roundtable 2015 


 VIP invitation letter_ ILF 2015_AMS




China’s water crisis opens giant market for business


Dear Ms.  Helene Oord, / Worldview Mission
Registration for your free visit to Aquatech China is open!

Visit Asia’s leading environmental business platform for solid waste, air pollution and the entire water and waste water sector. Connect with thousands of water professionals in only three days’ time.

Register your visit

China’s water crisis opens giant market for business

China’s urgent need to address water shortage and pollution issues means that business opportunities are plentiful. As one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, China is facing a looming water crisis; its factories, farms and more than one billion people need more clean water than its water sources can provide. The Chinese government is investing in improving the water sector while depending on non-Chinese companies for the technologies and knowhow.

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Sneak preview 1st China water report CDP 2015

Programme leaflet_ILF AT China 2015_April9

  VIP invitation letter_ ILF 2015_Helene




Ms. Helene H. Oord, win a KLM flight to Aquatech Amsterdam


WM AquaTech Air

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 Student Finance Assistance Scheme






 China is the world’s largest contributor to annual growth in natural resource demand

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MARTA — G77/China Ministeria​l Declaratio​n Addresses Post-2015 Agenda, Climate Change

 Selamawit Tesfaye  Date: Mon, Oct 27, 2014
Subject: [Post 2015 Women's Coalition] G77/China Ministerial Declaration Addresses Post-2015 Agenda, Climate Change
26 September 2014: The Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the Group of 77 and China reaffirmed the report of the Open Working Group (OWG) on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the basis for integrating the SDGs into the post-2015 development agenda, at the 38th Annual Meeting of Ministers.
They also discussed poverty eradication, means of implementation (MOI) for the post-2015 agenda, South-South cooperation, climate change, trade, and terrorism and occupation, among other issues. The 38th Annual Meeting of Ministers took place on 26 September 2014, in New York, US, and was chaired by Bolivia.
The G77/China Ministers supported poverty eradication as the central, overarching objective of the post-2015 development agenda, and stressed that it should promote inclusive, rapid and sustained economic growth to eradicate poverty and hunger and reduce inequalities.
They reaffirmed the following strategic objective for the post-2015 agenda: “developing an international enabling environment for sustainable development, by addressing the questions of trade, reform of the international financial system, global economic governance, debt, repatriation of illicit funds, cooperation in the fields of finance and technology, in order to support the efforts of developing countries to achieve sustainable development.”
Ministers also: called for coherence among relevant processes; underscored the importance of strengthening the global partnership for development, with North-South cooperation at its core and South-South and triangular cooperation as a complement; urged fulfillment of official development assistance (ODA) commitments; reaffirmed the need for a strong preparatory process leading to the Third International Conference on Financing for Development (FfD); affirmed technology as a key MOI; and welcomed the convening of the UN General Assembly dialogues on arrangements for a facilitation mechanism to promote the development, transfer and dissemination of clean and environmentally sound technologies, and supported continued consultations on this topic.
Climate change is “one of the most serious global challenges of our times,” the Ministers agreed. They called for developed countries to take the lead on responding to climate change within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) principles and provisions, particularly CBDR, equity, respective capabilities (RC) and financial and technical support for developing countries. Ministers stressed that the extent to which developing countries will implement their UNFCCC commitments will depend on developed country implementation of financial and technological commitments, and said economic and social development and poverty eradication are developing countries’ first priorities.
They also discussed: the 20th Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UNFCCC; the Ad hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform (ADP); the ambition gap; and disaster risk reduction (DRR).
Ministers also recalled the special needs of Africa, small island developing States (SIDS) and landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) and called for continued support to these countries.
The ministerial declaration can be accessed
Selamawit Tesfaye Coordinator Post 2015 Women’s Coalition
Center for Women’s Global Leadership Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8555 USA
– The Post 2015 Women’s Coalition listserv is a key communications platform for feminist, women’s and social justice organizations working on women’s rights and gender equality in the post 2015 sustainable development framework.
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G77 countries plus China support stand-alon​e goal on equality for the new SDGs  !
Dear Colleagues,

I have some wonderful news, and a request.
First the good news: the G77 (a group of 77 countries that formed an alliance within the UN to counteract the powerful G8 countries), plus China, have made strong statements in favor of a stand-alone goal on equality for the new SDGs!
This is very important for the world’s dialogue on the relationship between inequality, poverty, and sustainable development. You can see the G77 statements made at UN headquarters in New York this past week at these links:
IfE also proposed a stand-alone goal on equality at meetings of the Open Working Group (OWG) in November of 2013, and again in a formal written proposal developed through our network in January of 2014. You can see the IfE proposal here:
Now for the request: can you contact your own country’s national delegation to the UN, to support the stand-alone goal on equality? First check to see if your country is a member of the G77: If it is, please offer them your thanks and support, and encourage them to stand strong.  If your country is not part of the G77, please contact your national delegation to urge them to support the stand-alone goal and targets as well. You can find names, addresses, email and telephone numbers for all the national delegations here:
Warning: other countries may be working behind-the-scenes to kill the stand-alone goal on equality. Despite the public statements made in favor of it, and despite the fact that the co-chairs of the OWG have voiced support, it was dropped from the list of proposed goals. This means that there are powerful forces trying to block it.
We must speak up now to tell the UN: addressing inequalities is necessary to ending poverty and conflict, and creating equitable and sustainable societies!
With thanks and warm regards,
Anthony Akpan
Pan African Vision for the Environment (PAVE)
2nd Floor, Rear Flat,
59, Palm Avenue, Mushin
P.O.BOX 494 , Ijanikin, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: 08033510419, 08035423750

Helene Business Card  Helene


Worldview Mission, Headquarter, “Kingdom of the Netherlands”

Contact Ms. Helene H. Oord

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Rotterdam T: +31(0)636108563

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