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Worldview Mission & Sierra Leone March 2013 Progr Summit Ad Momoia NATIONAL YOUTH DEVELOPMENT SUMMIT





Summit Sierra Leone 19th – 21 March 2012

WM SL Application Youth Summit Sierra Leone _application_form!/2012/10/national-youth-development-summit-on_7020.html


Worldview Mission Sierra Leone PDF REPORT JOINED SUMMIT MARCH 2013, 19-21th







To take part on the forthcoming event in Sierra Leone please contact:


Ambassador Paul Lengar Sierra Leone

WM, Ambassador to the United Nations to Sierra Leone

West Africa Regional Director

Youth Millennium Development Ambassadors Initiative


Phone: +23278442956  /  +23288602606

Skype: paul.lenger




WM, Ambassador West Africa Regional, Director Youth Millenium Development Ambassador Initiative (YMDA’s)     Mobile #: +23278442956 , West Africa Email: E-mail: ,,


Site:   /


Millenium Ambassadors Sierra Leone Team: Biography National Youth Development Summit on Post -2015 Agenda 19th-21st March 2013, Sierra Leone West Africa

WM SL Application 19th -21th  March Youth Summit Sierra Leone _application_form!/2012/10/national-youth-development-summit-on_7020.html




Ambassador Justin Ibezim Agudosi

International President of the Millenium Development Ambassadors Counsil




Ambassador Mr. Rafael Oko, Nigeria    Ambassador Dr. Christiana Thorpe


Millennium Development Ambassadors

Co-Founder, Marketplace School Initiative (MPSI)

Skype: twbafrica m (234) 805-9964018   o (234) 9-7818480 E-mail: /,    /

International Coordinator Global Educators for All Initiative (GEFAI)





Ambassador Raphael Ogar Oko

Millenium Development Ambassador
International Coordinator
Global Educators for All Initiative (GEFAI)

Marketplace School Initiative (MPSI)
Skype: twbafrica
Phone: (234) 805-9964018   /  (234) 9-7818480
E-mail:  /,
E-mai:   /




 Mr. Mordekai Shumba , President, Our African Youth, Zimbabwe

Mr. Jude Thaddues Njikem, Vice-President, Our African Youth, Sierra Leone

E-Mail:  /










A United States registered 501 (C) (3) Organization with Taxed Exempt Status. 

Mission of African Views (AV) is to facilitate value-based information,

dialogues, learning, and action on African development strategies around the




                                       REBORN  OUTREACH

Reborn International Companies Reborn International Ministries

Founder Jimmy Sherlock



Mr. Emmanuel Marfo

WM, Ambassador to the United Nations to Africa

Communications and Outreach Director, Youth Climate Report

African Regional Director, Intellectual Decision on Environment Solutions (IDEAS)

Country Director, African Views

Founding Executive Director, Global Alliance for Development Foundation (GADeF)

Founder, Youth Community Development Foundation

Coordinator, African Youth in Philanthropy Network (AYPN)

Convenor, Sustain Ghana Conference

Country Coordinator, Earth Charter International  /

Email:  /    /


Skype: emmarfo

Facebook: emmarfogh




Mr. Abissi Raymond KOUAME


Worldview Mission Ambassador For Ivory Coast- West Africa

-Business International Development Coordinator
-President Founder of NGO LVS (Les Volontaires de la Santé),
01 BP 8554 Abidjan 01- Côte d’Ivoire-Abidjan District
Phone Côte d’Ivoire: Tel: 00225 23 46 34 27   /  Mob: 00225 07 93 74 13
Phone Ghana: 00233-278545255  /  Mali: 00223-70373146  /  Portugal:00351-910404438
E-mail:   /  E-mail:




International Business Forum



Worldview Mission Collaborate Partnership with the Bynkershoek Institute’s Research Center for Reproductive Rights


For more information, contact:




What are the Rights and Responsibilities of Birthing Women?

This international conference will convene for discussion and clarity on the scope of birthing women’s human rights to authority, support and choice in childbirth. In December, 2010, the European Court of Human Rights issued the first holding of a high human rights tribunal addressing the legal authority of birthing women as a human rights issue. In Ternovszky v. Hungary, the ECHR addressed the criminal prosecution of midwives in Hungary for supporting out-of-hospital births. The ECHR stated that the human right to privacy and therefore the right concerning the decision to become a parent includes the right of choosing the circumstances of becoming a parent. The Court is satisfied that the circumstances of giving birth incontestably form part of one’s private life for the purposes of this provision (…).”

Who decides how a baby is born? Who chooses where a birth takes place? Who bears the ultimate responsibility for a birth and its outcome? What are the legal rights of birthing women? What are the responsibilities of doctors, midwives and other caregivers in childbirth? What are the rights and interests of the unborn, and how are they protected?

Aim of the Conference

1. To discuss, debate, explore and clarify the practical implications of the European Court of Human Rights’ 2010 holding that women have a human right to choose the circumstances and location in which they give birth. 2. To convene stakeholders in the obstetric system of the Netherlands for meaningful dialogue about the legal status, efficacy, and future of birth options in this country. 3. To publish a collection of legal and scholarly materials on human rights in childbirth, authored by conference participants.

Conference Format

The conference will be held over two days. The first day will convene international multi-disciplinary experts able to unpack and explain the context and significance of the European Court of Human Right’s 2010 holding in Ternovszky v. Hungary. The second day will focus on the Dutch birth system, and the role of home and hospital birth in its past, present and future.

Each of the two days of the conference will consist of four panel discussions of 90 minutes to two hours each. Each panel will have several experts articulating a range of diverse perspectives and opinions on the subject for that panel’s discussion. The format of the panels will be structured to include audience participation throughout the conference.

The conference will convene an audience of up to 500 participants at the Hague University. The audience will consist of lawyers, ob/gyns, midwives, other medical professionals, doulas, students of all these professions, parents and consumer groups and interested parties from a wide range of other disciplines. For those who are unable to attend the conference in person, the conference will also be available by webinar.

More info:

Collaboration Partnership between Worldview Mission to the United Nations and the Bynkershoek Institute’s Research Center for Reproductive Rights

Regards: Collaboration Partnership Announcement

The Bynkershoek Institute and Worldview Mission (WM) are proud to announce a collaboration partnership for the Human Rights in Childbirth Conference of 2012, and the long-term project of Human Rights in Childbirth.

The Bynkershoek Institute’s Research Center for Reproductive Rights (RCRR) and the International and European Law Department of the Hague University are organizing the Human Rights in Childbirth Conference, which will be held in The Hague on May 31 and June 1, 2012. This conference will take a uniquely consumer-oriented, rights-based approach to the legal and human rights issues at stake in the care that women and babies receive around pregnancy and childbirth. Number of Dutch and international media organizations will be represented.

For More please visit:

Elements of the collaborative partnership between the RCRR and Worldview Mission will include the following:

– Worldview Mission will be liaison to the United Nations (UN) for the Human Rights in Childbirth Conference to be held ion 31st May and 1st June 2012 – Worldview Mission will inform their partners about the Human Rights in Childbirth Conference: UN New York, WHO, Unicef, VIP’s UN High-level Officials, UN Ambassadors to the United Nations, Chamber of Commerce, VN Brussels and others.





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