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Dr. John C. Maxwell & Ms. Hélène  H. Oord during Leadership training  invitees at the United Nations breakfast reception.  All United Nations Officials Ambassadors were present during the Generally Assembly, for the leadership training.


The 5 levels of Leader Youtube:


Christian Ambassy, 2007 New York.

UN breakfast reception,  all UN Officials Ambassadors were present during the Generally Assembly, for the leadership training.

August 2007, invited by United Nations /Christian Embassy , (John Austin & Michael

Larry, John  Rob, organizers)  More info:


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Dear Ms. Hélène H. Oord

We have received your request for media accreditation and have provided you with ID nr .

Please retain the ID Number for your records as it will be required to check on the status of your accreditation and to complete the accreditation process.

If you have not already done so, please forward your duly signed letter of assignment by fax to or as a scanned document in jpeg format or as a PDF to mail@un .

You will be notified by email of your accreditation status as soon as possible.

You can check your accreditation status online, or review or modify the information you provided in the online registration form.   , where you can log in to your personal accreditation account. To log in, please enter the e-mail address you gave us and the password you selected.

Kind regards,
The Media Accreditation and Liaison Unit team
United Nations Headquarters
New York, NY 10017

Ms. Hélène H. Oord
Worldview Mission (WM) Media Director Int’l
PR-Media - Int’l Relations Liaison to the United Nations
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Earth Charter   ”Our Moving Border”

 The formal Prime Minister Dr. R.F.M. (Ruud) Lubbers  Co-founder  of The Earth Charter UN High Commissioner for Refugees

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Mr. Olumide Idowu

Worldview Mission Media Boardmember Int’l

HEAD Department Social Media


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Mr. Willice O. Onyango

Ambassador to Worldview Mission to the United Nations
Worldview Mission Media Boardmember Int’l
- Youth Ambassador Coordinator Post Agenda Chairperson,
Phone: 0726570757     Skype: willice.okoth


Sharing my  blog :

The High Level Panel on post 2015 Development Planning is submitting its report to the UN Secretary General in the end of May. The Panel agreed that its vision and responsibility should include a determination to “end poverty in all its forms” and to “have in place the building blocks of sustained prosperity for all”. They also felt there is strong interest in going beyond poverty reduction to include job-creating growth, protecting the environment and providing equity, peace, security, justice and freedom. The Panel agreed to develop a global agenda with global responsibilities. This vision is widely expected to be bold and ambitious. As the Panel prepares to submit its report, the challenge is to ensure that the report sets a framework for a transformative, universal, people-centered development while clearly outlining a bold and relevant commitments needed to ensure a new paradigm for sustainable development that is deeply grounded in sound economic, social, cultural, civil human rights obligations and easy to galvanize collective political action around. Young people have been consulted during the High Level Panel meetings right from the very beginning. In London under the theme of Household Poverty, young people said poverty cannot go away without their meaningful involvement. In Liberia under the theme of National Building Blocks for Sustained Prosperity, young people urged the panel to put youth at the center of economic transformation and social equity. And in the last meeting in Bali under the theme of Global Partnership and Means of Implementation, we called on all stakeholders to ensure that partnership with young people through actively engaging them in planning, implementation and monitoring development are at the heart of the post 2015. The logic of these outreach meetings is that any effort to eradicate individual and household poverty must be supported by sound national policies and strengthened by global partnership. This is a true at the level of rhetoric. Action is what we want now! Ending poverty among young people will entail some increasing of their income and reducing their expenditure. Increasing income will mean active and dignified insertion of youth in the work ensuring them a good wage and decent jobs. Reducing expenditure will mean basic social services like health, education; water and housing are accessible, of quality and affordable. Read the full article as published by ‘My World’ :
My involvement in the post MDG’s process .   Particularly , I am involved in global advocacy work which focuses on putting young people at the heart of development policy and practice, prioritizing the post-2015 agenda. Key to his approach to the process is working collaboratively with partners in the youth sectors to maximize coordination and involvement of organizations in the global conversation. My recent works in support of the Post 2015 Agenda include:

-Brazilian government/UNDP selected Youth Mobilizer forRio+20 Dialogues ( <> ) -Africa youth representative to the Africa We Want beyond 2015 SCO consultation, Monrovia -Youth representative to the UN post 2015 Outreach Planning Group -Global south youth representative at the Post 2015 High Level Panel meeting, London -Partner to ‘My World’ post 2015 online and offline survey -Planned and delivered a youth consultation with UN Special Adviser on Post 2015 Development Agenda, Kenya -Participant at Bali Youth Global Forum as a follow up to the implementation of Programme of Action of the ICPD beyond 2014, Indonesia -Speaker at mobile platform initiative enabling African youth participation in the post 2015 agenda  inception workshop, Johanesburg. -Beyond 2015 Children and Youth Working Group nominee for the Beyond 2015 Drafting Committee on Vision, Values, Criteria and Purpose -Organizing partner and speaker at the Africa Youth Conference on Post 2015, Nairobi -Appointed post 2015 Youth Ambassador for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in the post 2015 process. -Youth delegate at the immediate  UNEP and UNHABITAT  Governing Councils -Production of post 2015 youth toolkit on WASH -Organizing committee member of  the Kenya National post 2015 consultation . -Youth Panel speaker on ‘The Journey Young People have Travelled in the Post 2015′ at the Monrovia Post 2015 High Level; Panel -National Focal Point and appointed African champion, ‘Post 2015 Mobile Campaign’ – -Youth delegate at the 4th High Level Panel on post 2015 development agenda, Bali Indonesia -Panel speaker at the Asian parliamentary forum for acceleration of achievement of MDGs, Bali Indonesia -Post This2015 youth engagement at the 2013 Commonwealth Local Government Conference ,Kampala and others.

Mr. Willice O. Onyango




Ms. Hélène H. Oord
Worldview Mission (WM)  Media Board Of Director Int’l
PR-Media - Int’l Relations Liaison to the United Nations
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Hélène H. Oord,  Rosline Nievens & Cliff Jacobs join hosts QPTV re-cable Casts

QUEENS, New York Update: Hélène H. Oord Special guest invited by:

A Town Hall Meeting Part 1: First Amendment Under Fire



An assortment of opinionated community members had the opportunity to discuss various issues of importance concerning our First Amendment rights. The lively panel featured Ibrahim Martin Lyons, Imam; Guy B. Palumbo, Lt. Colonel (Ret.) U.S Army; William “Bill” Scott, attorney; and Rubin Roberson, retired corrections officer. In this program, discussion is focused on whether an Islamic cultural center should be built two blocks from Ground Zero. During this heated yet friendly debate, the main question on everyone’s mind is: Should the Islamic community be allowed to build a cultural center near Ground Zero or should it be more sensitive to the families of the victims of 9/11? Produced and made possible by Daniel Leone, Clifford Jacobs, Roslyn Nieves, Robert Strahle, and the entire QPTV staff. Be sure to tune in for this lively and insightful debate.

Images  More info please visit:


Townhall Queens QPTV-Town-Hall Meeting guests Public Access1 pics new york


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