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.Boost Your FacebookOp 24 jun. 2016 schreef “BYB Event Team” <event.team@fbboostyourbusiness.com>

Hoi Helene H.

Dank je voor uw registratie voor het Facebook-evenement Boost Your Business op 27 juni 2016 in Het Spoorwegmuseum, Utrecht.

Tijdens het evenementenprogramma zult je van andere bedrijven te horen krijgen hoe zij optimaal gebruik hebben gemaakt van digitale oplossingen zoals Facebook, om nieuwe klanten te bereiken, de merkbekendheid te vergroten, nieuwe omzet aan te drijven en hun bedrijf te zien bloeien.


  • 08:00 – 09:00 Registratie, lichte versnaperingen en open floor activiteiten
  • 09:00 Welkomstwoord van MC Diana Matroos
  • 09:05 Welkomstwoord van Facebook Country Director Benelux, Arno Lubrun
  • 09:15 The Evolution of Communication, Facebook SMB Director, Stefanos Loukakos
  • 09.30 Gast sprekers Kees Verhoeven, Tweede Kamerlid & Leendert Jan Visser, Directeur MKB Nederland
  • 09:55 Klanten panel en Q&A: Hoor het van bedrijven die groeien met Facebook
  • 10:30 Networking, 1:1 consultaties en open floor activiteiten
  • 11:00 – 12:30 Workshops:

o   Breakout 1: Facebook – aan de slag gaan 11:00 /11:30 / 12:00

o   Breakout 2: Facebook – groei aandrijven 11:00 /11:30 / 12:00

o   Breakout 3: Introduction to Instagram for Business 11:00 /11:30 / 12:00

  • 12:30 Einde

Neem een vorm van foto-identificatie mee. Men zal je die identificatie vragen om te registreren.

Wij zien ernaar uit om je dan te ontmoeten!

Dank je,

Uw Facebook-team



UN Building Thank You





Ban Ki-moon: The UN Charter at 70: Toward a Safer and Sustainable Future for We the Peoples

UN Charter,   http://www.un.org/en/documents/charter/

Ban Ki-moon Headshot

The UN Charter at 70: Toward a Safer and Sustainable Future for We the Peoples

  • Comment45

Long before I became Secretary-General, the United Nations occupied a special place in my life. I was six years old when the Korean War broke out. I have memories of my village in flames as my family sought refuge in nearby mountains. But another sight is even more lasting: the UN flag. We were saved from hunger by UN food relief operations; we received textbooks from UNESCO; and when we wondered whether the outside world cared about our suffering, the troops of many nations sacrificed their lives to restore security and peace.

I know from my childhood, and now from decades of public service, the immense difference the United Nations can make. As we mark the anniversary of the adoption of the Organization’s founding Charter on June 26, 1945 in San Francisco, my hope is that the human family will come together with greater determination to work for a safer and more sustainable future for “we, the peoples,” in whose name the Charter was drafted.

The United Nations at 70 can look back on a proud record of working with many partners to dismantle colonialism, triumph over apartheid, keep the peace in troubled places and articulate a body of treaties and law to safeguard human rights. Every day, the United Nations feeds the hungry, shelters refugees and vaccinates children against polio and other deadly diseases. Our relief workers brave remote and dangerous environments to deliver humanitarian assistance, and our mediators strive to find common ground between warring parties and peaceful solutions to grievances and disputes. The United Nations was founded to prevent another world war, and it has succeeded in that core mission; despite grave setbacks, the past seven decades would surely have been even bloodier without the United Nations.

Yet we are keenly aware that today’s landscape is scarred by conflict, exploitation and despair. At least 59.5 million people have fled their homes – more refugees, displaced persons and asylum-seekers than at any time since the end of the Second World War. Violence against women blights all societies. At a time of pressing human needs, huge amounts of money continue to be squandered on nuclear weapons and other destabilizing military arsenals. The consequences of climate change are ever more apparent – and have only just begun. And although the world said “never again” after the Holocaust, and again after genocides in Rwanda and Srebrenica, we continue to witness atrocious crimes by violent extremists and others.

New powers have emerged since the representatives of 50 nations gathered to draft the Charter, and membership in the Organization has grown to 193. Globalization, urbanization, migration, demographic shifts, technological advances and other seismic developments continue to remake our societies and transform international relations. Yet the Charter’s vision of a world of peace, and the values enshrined in the text – dignity, equal rights, tolerance and freedom – remain touchstones for people everywhere.

The 70th anniversary falls in a year of potentially momentous decisions on our common future. Countries are shaping what we hope will be an inspiring new sustainable development agenda and moving towards a meaningful agreement on climate change. Our goal is transformation: we are the first generation that can erase poverty from the earth – and the last that can act to avoid the worst impacts of a warming world.

As the distinctions between the national and the international continue to fall away, challenges faced by one become challenges faced by all, sometimes gradually but often suddenly. With our fates ever more entwined, our future must be one of ever deeper cooperation – nations united by a spirit of global citizenship that lives up to the promise of the Organization’s name.





Swiss Deficit Day; Footprinting in Australia and Scotland; Earth Hour in Chin



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Climate Change Twitter Chat 11/30

From a colleague with USAID:  Word is getting around, details below if you would like to participate and follow.  Is your organization organizing a conversation?



Climate Change Twitter Chat 11/30


GCC Youtube-Banner-2
From: Climatelinks [team@climatelinks.org]
Sent: Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Subject: Invitation:  Climatelinks Twitter Chat 11/30

No Images? Click here<http://trainingresourcesgroupinc.cmail19.com/t/i-e-irtrdlk-jutjihdur-p/>

Join Our First Twitter Chat:

Driving Change: Donors and Development Orgs #ActOnClimate

Dear colleagues,

Climatelinks<http://trainingresourcesgroupinc.cmail19.com/t/i-l-irtrdlk-jutjihdur-r/>, a global knowledge portal for climate change and development practitioners, is hosting its first Twitter chat, Driving Change: Donors and Development Orgs #ActOnClimate<http://trainingresourcesgroupinc.cmail19.com/t/i-l-irtrdlk-jutjihdur-y/>, in partnership with the United Nations Foundation on Monday, November 30 from 1-2 pm, EST.

As part of the Earth To Paris campaign<http://trainingresourcesgroupinc.cmail19.com/t/i-l-irtrdlk-jutjihdur-j/>, the UN Foundation has been hosting weekly Twitter chats focused on climate change and global actions being taken to address it. Next week’s chat will highlight how donors, development organizations, and their partners are taking bold and ambitious actions to integrate climate change considerations into development programs and activities.

Please join us at 1pm, EST on November 30 for the chat and share your expertise on the intersection of development and climate change. We would love to have your participation. Please share this invitation with colleagues you think may be interested.

Here’s how it works:

The questions will be tweeted out from the @UNFoundation<http://trainingresourcesgroupinc.cmail19.com/t/i-l-irtrdlk-jutjihdur-t/> handle where you can follow along and respond by using #EarthToParis. For further information and guidance on how to participate, please email team@climatelinks.org. Throughout the chat Climatelinks will be tweeting out answers to the questions posed. Follow Climatelinks on Twitter<http://trainingresourcesgroupinc.cmail19.com/t/i-l-irtrdlk-jutjihdur-k/>.

Add to my Google calendar<https://calendar.google.com/calendar/event?action=TEMPLATE&tmeid=cTUyNjRhMzNoM2Q0MWxubDJhdG1oY3UxOXMgMm9oODAyajNncGpsMm10bnM1bWZwbWppNmNAZw&tmsrc=2oh802j3gpjl2mtns5mfpmji6c@group.calendar.google.com>


Share <http://trainingresourcesgroupinc.cmail19.com/t/i-li-irtrdlk-jutjihdur-x/>
Forward <http://trainingresourcesgroupinc.forwardtomyfriend.com/i-jutjihdur-056DFE68-irtrdlk-l-m>

USAID’s Global Climate Change Office supports Climatelinks as a venue for knowledge sharing through its Environmental Communications & Outreach contract, implemented by Training Resources Group, Forum One, and Engility. Climatelinks does not represent the views of USAID or the U.S. Government. The official USAID Climate Change site is www.usaid.gov/climate.  Visit www.climatelinks.org to learn more.
You are receiving this email because you have signed up for the Climatelinks mailing list. If you are not on our list, you can sign up at www.climatelinks.org/signup








BREAKING: President Obama just rejected the Keystone XL pipeline!

This is a huge victory years in the making. Congratulations and thanks to all my NRDC colleagues, all the folks from all the groups who joined together in opposition to Keystone XL, and to the millions of Americans who spoke out against this ill-conceived project.

As we get ready for the Paris climate mega-conference next month, it was great to have the President set an example for the rest of the world by taking action now to reject this proposed expansion of our fossil fuel infrastructure. In Paris, our leaders will update the current international “framework” for action; and hopefully many other leaders at all levels of government, business, and civil society will heed the President when he says and shows that “the time to act is now.”

RejectsNRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)

1 hr ·

BREAKING: President Obama just rejected the Keystone XL pipeli






TEDx Sao Paulo – EE international leader’s message


Env Eduction


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

UNSD Education Caucus member, Suzana Padua, President of IPE and Co-Coordinator of our climate change delegation, speaks to Environmental Education.
The President of the IPE, Suzon Padua, was one of the guests of the ‪#‎tedxsaopaulo‬ talking about a ‪#‎futuromelhor‬ ” don’t just think of the problem. This creates barriers. We have to think about how to solve them “… “we have to create a means for the connection between people and nature, win strength again”.
All the best,
Pam Puntenney and Bremley Lyngdoh
UNSD Education Caucus Co-chairs
Co-Coordinators Climate Change


Dr. P. J. Puntenney
Environmental & Human Systems Management
1989 West Liberty
 Ann Arbor, MI  48103  USA
Cell: +1-(734) 352•7429
Landline: +1-(734) 994•3612



 UNDP: Scientists With a Message COP 21 Paris


Dan is one of two scientists who will bike and walk from the Antarctic circle to reach COP21 in Paris at the end of the year.

Find out why we’re supporting these scientists’ journey.

via UNDP Thailand


Dan Pool To Paris




In English below,
En español más abajo,
Chers membres de Beyond 2015,
En direct sur UN Web TV aujourd’hui: événement de haut-niveau de Beyond 2015, 13h15-14h30 heure locale à New York
RAPPEL: Notre événement de haut-niveau organisé aujourd’hui en partenariat avec BOND, CAN International, le FIP, Participate et UN-NGLS (Réaliser l’agenda post-2015: créer un leadership politique pour des changements transformateurs) sera diffusé sur UN Web TV de 13h15-14h30, heure locale à New York, via li lien suivant: http://bit.ly/1FziAa6 Ne le ratez pas!
Nous vous encourageons à envoyer des tweets pendant l’événement (même si vous suivez sur Internet) avec les hash tag suivants : #timetoact @Beyond2015 #Agenda2030 pour 1) souligner les bonnes initiatives présentées par les Etats Membres; 2) inciter d’autres pays à entreprendre des actions similaires; 3) promouvoir les messages clés de la société civile sur le rôle des OSC  dans la mise en oeuvre et dans le suivi des ODD. Rappel: une liste pays des comptes Twitter des gouvernements et des missions permanentes auprès de l’ONU est disponible ici.
Plus d’informations : consultez notre page web dédiée à l’événement ici
“Tweets du jour” – dimanche 27 septembre 2015


Cliquez ici pour voir une liste par pays des comptes Twitter des gouvernements et des missions permanentes auprès de l’ONU, ainsi qu’une liste de hash tags clés. Nous vous encourageons vivement à diriger vos tweets à ces comptes Twitter, en adaptant les tweets ci-dessous si besoin:

  • Tweet 1:    En direct sur UN Web TV ajd, 13h15-14h30 heure locale à NY: bit.ly/1FziAa6 événement 2 haut-niveau 2 @Beyond2015 #timetoact #SDGs (+ rajouter l’invitation à l’événement de haut-niveau en format JPG à votre tweet (l’image en format JPG peut être facilement téléchargée ici)
  • Tweet 2:   Ajd: événement 2 haut-niveau 2 @Beyond2015 @IFP_FIP @participate2015 @CANIntl @unngls @bondngo #timetoact (+ rajouter l’invitation à l’événement de haut-niveau en format JPG à votre tweet (l’image en format JPG peut être facilement téléchargée ici)
  • Tweet 3:  bit.ly/1FziAa6 LIVE STREAMING ajd 13h15-14h30 heure NY: présentation plans #SDGs: Tanz., Colomb., Kenya, Indo., Suède #timetoact
  • Tweet 4:    Les Etats @UN ne doivent laisser personne pour compte dans la mise en œuvre 2 l’ #Agenda2030 @Beyond2015  (+ rajouter la carte postale #4 (“S’ouvrir maintenant”) en format JPG à votre tweet: cliquez ici pour télécharger cette carte postale)
  • Tweet 5:      Les OSC œuvrant à ts niveaux doivent participer à la mise en œuvre & au suivi-évaluation 2 l’ #Agenda2030   (+ rajouter la carte postale #4 (“S’ouvrir maintenant”) en format JPG à votre tweet: cliquez ici pour télécharger cette carte postale)
  • Tweet 6:     C l’heure 2 créer d voies 2 collaboration entre OSC, parties prenantes & gouv pr mettre en œuvre l’ #Agenda2030  (+ rajouter la carte postale #4 (“S’ouvrir maintenant”) en format JPG à votre tweet: cliquez ici pour télécharger cette carte postale)
Cliquez ici pour plus d’informations sur notre campagne médiatique pendant le Sommet.
Merci pour votre participation et bonne journée.

Dear members of Beyond 2015,
Live on UN Web TV today: Beyond 2015 high-level event, 1:15-2:30pm EST
REMINDER: Our high-level event organised in partnership with BOND, CAN International, IFP, Participate and UN-NGLS (“Implementing the post-2015 agenda – building political leadership for transformative change”) will be streamed live on UN Web TV from 1:15-12:30pm local time in New York, via this link: http://bit.ly/1FziAa6 Don’t miss out on the action!
We encourage you to tweet during the event  (even if you are following on Internet) using the following hash tags: #timetoact @Beyond2015 #Agenda2030 to 1) highlight positive actions that Member States will present; 2) push other countires to follow the lead; 3) highlight key messages shared by civil society, on our role in the implementation and monitoring of the SDGs.  Reminder: a country-sorted list of Twitter accounts for governments and UN missions is available here.
For more information on the event: visit our webpage on the side event here
Tweets of the day – Sunday 27 September 2015
Click here to view a country-sorted list of Twitter accounts corresponding to governments and UN missions, as well as key hash tags. We strongly encourage you to send your tweets to these Twitter accounts by adapting the tweets below if needed:
  • Tweet 1:    Live on UN Web TV today, 1:15-2:30pm EST: bit.ly/1FziAa6 @Beyond2015 high-level event @Beyond2015 #timetoact #SDGs (+ upload the high-level event invitation in JPG format to your tweet (the JPG image can easily be downloaded here)
  • Tweet 2:   Today @UN: high-level event organised by @Beyond2015 @IFP_FIP @participate2015 @CANIntl @unngls @bondngo #timetoact (+ add the JPG invitation to the event to your tweet – download it here)
  • Tweet 3:   bit.ly/1FziAa6 LIVE STREAM today 1:15-2:30pm EST: #SDGs plans in Tanzania, Colombia, Kenya, Indonesia, Sweden #timetoact
  • Tweet 4:  


Beyond time to include




[Beyond 2015:468] ENGLISH, FRANÇAIS, ESPAÑOL: tweets of the day 26 September & LIVE STREAM of Beyond 2015′s high-level side event, 27 Sept, 1:15-2:30pm EST

In English below,
En français plus bas,
Estimados miembros de Más Allá del 2015 / Beyond 2015,
Mañana 27 de Septiembre: Ver nuestro evento de alto nivel en directo en Internet
Mañana 27 de Septiembre organizamos un evento de alto nivel durante la Cumbre de la ONU sobre la agenda post-2015, junto con BOND, CAN International, IFP, Participate y UN-NGLS: “Realizando la Agenda Post-2015: crear liderazgo politico para un cambio transformativo”. El evento tiene 2 objectivos principales: 1) resaltar y celebrar el liderazgo politico para la localización de los ODD; 2) promover el rol de las OSC en la realización de los ODD y discutir de mecanismos para facilitar su participación.
- Hora: 13:15-14:30 hora local en Nueva York
- Ubicación: sala de conferencia 1, N.N.U.U, Nueva York
- Participantes: miembros del gobierno de varios países, representantes de la sociedad civil, miembros del sector privado y de fundaciones, periodistas, universitarios y representantes de la ONU
Aunque el acceso al evento está limitado a aquellas personas han recibido un correo de confirmación por UN-NGLS, todos podrán ver el evento en directo en UN Web TV a través de este linkhttp://bit.ly/1FziAa6
Además, todos podrán apoyar el evento de diferente maneras:
  • Durante el evento: enviando tuits sobre el evento con los hash tags siguientes: #timetoact @Beyond2015 #Agenda2030. Les incitamos a enviar tuits para 1) resaltar las buenas acciones que se expondrán por los Estados Miembros, 2) incitar a otros países a tomar acciones similares; 3) resaltar los mensajes claves presentados por la sociedad civil, sobre el rol de las OSC en la implementación y el seguimiento de los ODD. Aviso: una lista por país de cuentas en Twitter de gobiernos y misiones ante la ONU está disponible aquí.
  • Después del evento: compartiendo nuestro comunicado de prensa lo más posible. El comunicado será compartido por correo y podrá ser descargado en nuestro sitio web.
Para más información sobre el evento, y para descargar fotos y el comunicado de prensa después del evento: consultar nuestra página web sobre el evento aquí
“Tuits del día” – Sábado 26 de Septiembre
Haga clic aquí para ver una lista por país de cuentas en Twitter de gobiernos y de misiones permanentes ante la ONU. Les incitamos a enviar sus tuits a estas cuentas:
  • Tuit 1:   La #Agenda2030 es 1 documento “del pueblo, para el pueblo y por el pueblo”. Es tiempo q sea pública @Beyond2015  + añadir la postal #3 (Tiempo de comunicar”) en formato JPG a su tuit: haga clic aquí para descargar la postal)
  • Tuit 2:   Estados @UN: es tiempo d comunicar y tener discusiones abiertas sobre la aplicación de la #Agenda2030 @Beyond2015   + añadir la postal #3 (Tiempo de comunicar”) en formato JPG a su tuit: haga clic aquí para descargar la postal)
  • Tuit 3:   Estados @UN: es crucial ampliar la comunicación sobre los logros y desafíos para alcanzar los #SDGs @Beyond2015  + añadir la postal #3 (Tiempo de comunicar”) en formato JPG a su tuit: haga clic aquí para descargar la postal)
  • Tuit 4:   Los #Lideres deben comprometerse a rendir cuentas a todos los niveles #Agenda2030 @Beyond2015  + añadir la postal #3 (Tiempo de comunicar”) en formato JPG a su tuit: haga clic aquí para descargar la postal)
Haga clic aqui para más información sobre nuestra campaña en los medios de comunicación durante la Cumbre de la ONU.
Muchas gracias y saludos,
Ella Masle-Farquhar, Beyond 2015 International Officer
Dear members of Beyond 2015,
Tomorrow 27 September: Watch our high-level event live on Internet 
Tomorrow 27 September we are organising a high-level event during the UN Summit, together with BOND, CAN International, IFP, Participate and UN-NGLS: ”Implementing the post-2015 agenda – building political leadership for transformative change”. Our event has 2 main objectives: 1) to highlight and celebrate political leadership for the localisation of the SDGs, 2) to promote the role of CSOs in reaching the goals, and discuss mechanisms to facilitate civil society participation
- Event time: 1:15-12:30pm local time in New York
- Location: conference room 1, UNHQ New York
- Participants: members of government in several countries, civil society representatives, members of the private sector, foundations, academia and UN representatives
Although access to the event is limited to those who have received confirmation from UN-NGLS, everyone will be able to watch the event live on UN Web TV simply by clicking on the following link tomorrow: http://bit.ly/1FziAa6
Additionally, everyone will be able to participate in the event in different ways:
  • During the event: by tweeting about the event using the following hash tags: #timetoact @Beyond2015 #Agenda2030. We encourage your to send tweets to 1) highlight positive actions that Member States will present; 2) push other countires to follow the lead; 3) highlight key messages shared by civil society, on our role in the implementation and monitoring of the SDGs.  Reminder: a country-sorted list of Twitter accounts for governments and UN missions is available here.
  • After the event: by sharing our press release as widely as possible. It will be sent by email and will also be uploaded to our website.
For more information on the event, and to download photos and the press releases after the event: open our webpage on the side event here
Tweets of the day – Saturday 26 September 2015
Click here to view a country-sorted list of Twitter accounts corresponding to governments and UN missions, as well as key hash tags. We strongly encourage you to send your tweets to these Twitter accounts by adapting the tweets below if needed:

Tweet 1:

Beyond small banner

Beyond2015 Twitter handles instructions for UN Summit


Beyond Time to communicate




[Beyond 2015:448] Tweets of the Day – July 20

Espanol abajo – Francais ci dessus


Tweets of the day for the July intergovernmental negotiations on the post-2015 agenda (week 1: 20-24 July):

A new round of intergovernmental negotiations on the post-2015 agenda starts in New York this week (20-24 July). The discussions will focus on the revised zero-draft of the outcome document for the September UN Summit (click here to view Beyond 2015’s full reaction to the revised zero-draft, and here to read the 3-page summary). Below are suggested tweets of the day to adapt and send today Monday 20 July to influence the negotiations:

1)      Read @Beyond2015 reaction to the revised #post2015 #ZeroDraft Full: bit.ly/1KbboSV Summary: bit.ly/1J3aVRi

2)      Calling on #UN Member States 2 keep the ambition & finalize #post2015 negotiations for a transformative agenda. @Beyond2015 #Intergov2015

3)      #post2015 is an agenda for &WITH the people. #UN Member States: commit 2 meaningful participation of ALL people @Beyond2015 #Intergov2015

4)      Economic development must be sustainable in the #post2015 era. #BeyondGrowth @Beyond2015 #Intergov2015

Follow this link to see the Twitter handles of permanent missions to the UN: http://bit.ly/1bnIPCC We encourage you to send your Tweets to these accounts.

Please also take a look at our Twitter guide, available in English, French and Spanish: http://www.beyond2015.org/sites/default/files/Communication%20Techniques%20to%20Impact%20Media_0.docx


“Tweets” de la journée pour les négociations intergouvernementales de juillet sur l’agenda post-2015 (première semaine : 20-24 juillet) :

Une nouvelle séance de négociations intergouvernementales sur l’agenda post-2015 a lieu à New York cette semaine (20-24 juillet). Les discussions porteront sur la deuxième version de l’avant-projet du document final de l’ONU sur l’agenda post-2015 (disponible en anglais ici). Voici quelques suggestions de ‘tweets de la journée’ à adapter et à envoyer aujourd’hui lundi 20 juillet pour influencer les négociations :

1)      Lisez la réaction 2 @Beyond2015 à la 2e version du #ZeroDraft #post2015. En entier: bit.ly/1KbboSV; résumé: bit.ly/1J3aVRi

2)      Etats mb #UN : restez ambitieux & finalisez les négociations #post2015 pr adopter 1 agenda trsformateur @Beyond2015 #Intergov2015

3)      #post2015 est 1 agenda pour&AVEC les individus.Etats mb #UN : engagez-vs en faveur 2 la participation de TOUTES les personnes @Beyond2015

4)      Le développement économique dans l’ère #post2015 doit ê durable. #BeyondGrowth @Beyond2015 #Intergov2015

Voici la liste des comptes Twitter des missions permanentes auprès de l’ONU. Nous vous encourageons à envoyer vos tweets à ces comptes Twitter : http://bit.ly/1bnIPCC

Et voici un guide en anglais, en français et en espagnol sur l’utilisation de Twitter: http://www.beyond2015.org/sites/default/files/Communication%20Techniques%20to%20Impact%20Media_0.docx


Tuits del día para las negociaciones intergubernamentales de Julio sobre la agenda post-2015 (primera semana: 20-24 de Julio):

Una nueva ronda de negociaciones sobre la agenda post-2015 empieza en Nueva York esta semana (20-24 de Julio). Las negociaciones se centraran en la segunda versión del documento final sobre la agenda post-2015 (disponible en inglés aquí). Abajo están algunas sugerencias de ‘tuits del día’ a adaptar y enviar hoy lunes 20 de Julio para influir en esas negociaciones:

1)      Lee la reacción d @Beyond2015 a la revisión del #ZeroDraft #post2015. Doc completo: bit.ly/1KbboSV; resumen bit.ly/1J3aVRi

2)      Pedimos a la #UN d mantener su ambic’ &finalizar las negociaciones #post2015 para adoptar 1 agenda trsformadora @Beyond2015 #Intergov2015

3)      #post2015 es 1 agenda para&CON las personas. Estados #UN: comprométanse a la participac’ d TODAS las personas @Beyond2015 #Intergov2015

4)      El desarrollo económico debe ser sostenible durante la era #post2015. #BeyondGrowth @Beyond2015 #Intergov2015

Aquí está una lista de cuentas en Twitter de las misiones permanentes ante la ONU. Les invitamos a enviar sus tuits a estas cuentas: http://bit.ly/1bnIPCC. También les invitamos a leer este guía en inglés/francés/español sobre el uso de Twitter

Best Regards,

Naiara Costa

Beyond 2015 Advocacy Director

Mob. +1 917 930 4069 / 917 470 0764

Email: ncosta@beyond2015.org

Skype: naiaracc (New York, USA)

Twitter: @naiaracc


Follow Beyond 2015 on Twitter @Beyond2015 and Facebook

Click here to join Beyond 2015′s 100-day countdown to the adoption of the post-2015 agenda!

Do you want to engage in the post-2015 negotiations? Don’t miss out on upcoming opportunities. Click here to access our dedicated website section on the negotiations.

Beyond 2015 thematic groups are open to all organisations participating in the campaign. Join a group! Click here to find out which working groups and task forces are currently active.

You work at the regional level? Check out our regional hubs in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Pacific here.

You work at the national level? You can find details of our national hubs across the world here.

Check out what the Executive Committee has been up to, here.




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