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HAVE YOUR SAY! on Sustaniable Development Financing in ASIA and the PACIFIC!

Join the e-discussion and have your voice heard in The third International Conference on Financing for Development will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 13 to 16 July 2015

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World Humanitarian Summit – Latin America & the Caribbean online discussion


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Dear Colleagues,
UNDP and UNDESA are hosting an e-discussion on the 2015 ECOSOC theme of “Managing the transition from the Millennium Development Goals to the sustainable development goals: What it will take” – to be held from 17 February to 17 March 2015.  The 2015 e-discussion is expected to provide ECOSOC with concrete ideas and proposals for defining the steps required for the successful transition from the MDGs to the SDGS. Contributions made by e-discussion participants will be included in a summary of the e-discussion posted on the ECOSOC website and will inform the report of the Secretary-General on the ECOSOC theme.
Concrete country examples on how your respective offices have supported countries to accelerate and achieve the MDGs would be helpful. You can contribute your technical expertise to one or more of the thematic windows, as follows (further details are included in the concept note attached):
§  Thematic Window I:  Policy choices and mindset change for an integrated agenda
§  Thematic Window II: Required adaptation by institutions, structures and individuals
§  Thematic Window III: Partnerships for the implementation of the SDGs and the post-2015 agenda
§  Thematic Window IV: Monitoring and review
In order to follow the discussion or post your contributions, participants may join the e-discussion at: http://www.unteamworks.org/amr2015
Please see attached the formal invitation from the Secretary-General for the Third International Conference on Financing for Development and the UNDP Administrator.

Kind Regards,


The UNEP access-to-information policy, issued on 6 June 2014, is currently on a pilot phase and subject to review within one year.  During this interim period, there will be further consideration on the contents of the policy within the UNEP secretariat for possible refinement.
On November 15, 2014, the policy was uploaded on UNEP’s website for public commenting. Given that only a few comments were received by today, UNEP decided to extend the deadline for commenting to March, 31, 2015. Comments can be sent in under:
Civil Society Representatives are strongly encouraged to use this unique opportunity to contribute to shaping UNEP’s Access-to-Information Policy and through this transparency of the United Nations Environment Programme.
The UNEP access-to-information policy provides the principles and procedures governing access to information at UNEP, which have long been observed in practice but not provided in a written format before.  Its overarching principle is that the information in the custody of the UNEP secretariat should be open and accessible wherever possible, in a manner consistent with the relevant policies and practices of the United Nations Secretariat.
Through the above review process, it is intended that the UNEP access-to-information policy be improved to better articulate how the UNEP secretariat would further its efforts to make information on environmental matters accessible to a target community or the broader public with a view to making such information a catalyst for achieving environmental sustainability.

Kind Regards,




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Registration for the FAO-run online conference closes 16 January 2015

Only 10 days remaining to register for a unique FAO-run online climate change conference
Forestry policy makers, forest economists, scientists and researchers from all over the world are expected to register for a unique online conference entitled The Economics of Climate Change Mitigation Options in the Forest Sector. The conference, organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO), will take place in six sessions during 6 -27 February 2015. More than 900 registrations have been received from 121 countries already. The conference will focus on the costs and benefits of ways in which the forest sector can mitigate climate change, and examine how different countries mitigate climate change through forest management interventions and improved use of wood. Discussions will also showcase the lessons learned from mitigation efforts and their impacts on the value chain of forest products.
The deadline for registration is 16 January. Visit the conference web page www.fao.org/forestry/cc-mitigation-economics to read more and register. See the draft conference programme at http://www.fao.org/forestry/41762-05d11445e737ad9f209f0724851d10028.pdf.
For more information, contact Illias Animon (illias.animon@fao.org) or Eros Fornari (eros.fornari@fao.org).


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