Drs. Ruud Lubbers promotes the Earth Charter

Our Moving Borders

Our Moving Borders


 Drs Ruud Lubbers, Former Prime Minister Of The Netherlands & Ms. Helene H. Oord

Drs. Ruud Lubbers, Former Prime Minister Of the Netherlands & Ms. Hélène H. Oord





Take Action on 18 April for Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day

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Comunicado GCAP – Communiqué l’AMCP – Communiqué GCAP — Global Call to Action Against Poverty


Mensaje en español abajo     Message en français ci-dessous

Dear All,Please find the Communiqué of the GCAP Global Assembly 2015 attached – now also in French and Spanish. It’s also available on our website. Feel free to share the Communiqué with your members and partners.

Based on the Communiqué we are working on the new GCAP and we are happy to invite you to be part of this process. The Global Assembly created two working groups: One for the future Governance Structure and one to make the future Strategy more concrete.
The GCAP National Coalitions, Constituency Groups and Partners will receive the drafts created by the two working groups in November and December, for inputs and feedback. Please contact if you want to be added to the lists of emails addresses to receive those proposals.
Thanks for your support,
Message en français
Chers tous,Veuillez trouver ci-joint le Communiqué de l’Assemblée mondiale de l’AMCP 2015, maintenant disponible également en français et en espagnol. Il est également en ligne sur notre site web. Sentez-vous libre de le partager avec vos membres et partenaires.

Nous travaillons maintenant au nouvel AMCP sur la base de ce Communiqué et sommes heureux de vous inviter à vous joindre à ce processus. L’Assemblée Mondiale a créé deux groupes de travail pour ce faire: l’un pour la future structure de Gouvernance, l’autre pour concrétiser la future Stratégie. Les coalitions nationales de l’AMCP, les groupes de circonscription et partenaires recevront en Novembre et Décembre les premiers résultats de ce travail et seront invités a les commenter et y contribuer. Si vous souhaitez recevoir ces projets de proposition, merci de contacter afin d’être ajouté aux listes courriel pertinentes.

Merci pour votre soutien,


Mensaje en español

Queridos todos,Comunicado del GCAP Asamblea Mundial 2015 se encuentra adjunto a este email - ahora también en francés y español. También está disponible en nuestra página web.Siéntase libre para compartir el Comunicado con sus miembros y socios.

El comunicado es la base para el trabajo en el nuevo GCAP. Nos complace invitarle a ser parte de este proceso. La Asamblea Mundial creó dos grupos de trabajo: uno parael futuro Estructura de Gobierno y uno para que la Estrategia de futuro más concreto. Las coaliciones nacionales del GCAP, Grupos Constituyentes y socios obtendrán los borradores en noviembre y diciembre para las entradas y comentarios. Por favor, póngase en contacto con si desea ser agregado a las listas para recibir las propuestas.

Gracias por su apoyo,

Ingo Ritz

Director of Programmes
Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP)Rue de la Linière 11

1060 Brussels

Phone: +3226094455  Mobile: +49 177 6026904
Skype: ingo.ritz
www.whiteband.orgGCAP works to challenge the institutions and processes that perpetuate poverty and inequality across the world to defend and promote human rights, gender justice, social justice and security needed for survival and peace.

Communiqué Assemblée Mondiale 2015 GCAP

Communique GCAP Global Assembly 2015x

Comunicado de la Asamblea GCAPx Global 2015




Dear friends,

Join us this week for a social media campaign against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and please share this with your networks.
All the best,
Call to action to Stop TPP

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The Road to Development Justice




“CALL FOR INPUT” – Quick Reply Requested

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On Tuesday May 5th, I will be presenting at the UN headquarters on the theme of: Galvanizing support of regional and sub-regional organizations towards the implementation of a transformative post-2015 development agenda.
Addressing this theme, each of you have questions that need to be asked, insights and ideas, perhaps a vision about creating the future we want –  how do you see this topic?  And always the question MOI [means of implementation] and recommended staring point(s)?
What have you liked best during this 2 year conversation post Rio+20 processes?  
What should we and the UN system plan to do differently post 2015?  How?
Send your input directly to <

Thank you very much. 
Ali Shahbaz
Pakistan Youth Delegate, UNCSD-Rio+20
Youth Representative to UNESCAP
Youth Delegate: United Nations Environment Programme-TUNZA
Asian Youth Network- UNFCCC

Fellow, Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program
Member, UN-Education Caucus
Youth Ambassador: SDPI

Convener, LCS
T: +92-423-5172001


Call for EOIs: SURGE Promotional Video

SURGE Promotional Video

Deadline for EOIs: 22 January 2015     Calling
all film makers and animators who would like to tap the power of story-telling through their child-like imagination, vivid sketches and endless creativity, here is a unique opportunity to make a difference.

We are looking for an individual or collective who loves visualizing and mobilizing (literally) simple ideas towards a powerful message. We’d like to work with one who is passionate about change to save more lives and build back better as disasters become more predictable.

The challenge is to popularise the idea of inclusive community-based disaster risk reduction (ICBDRR) or that which facilitates the meaningful participation and accounts for the specific needs and capacities of women, children, persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples and those in remote communities — or those who are often marginalized and rendered vulnerable in preparing for, responding to and recovering from disasters.

We need not start from scratch. In fact, there are successful models of ICBDRR, along with some facts and figures. There are towns who have consistently done their profiling of community members – based on their income, gender, age and so on.

Villagers have learned how to make sense of weather reports from PAGASA and hazard maps from Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB).

We have seen women, persons with disabilities, elderly actively participate the making of contingency plans – where they not only plot their way towards the evacuation center but indicate what they can contribute before, during and after a typhoon, floods, earthquakes, among others.

And there are local officials who have institutionalised zero casualty policies and have led their communities build back better.


Send us your expression of interest, along with the following on or before 22 January 2015 to 

with the reference on the heading: “EOI-video”

  • ·         Name/s of the proponent/s and their contact details (e.g. addresses, phone numbers)
  • ·        Concept note in English, approximately 1,000 words
  • ·         Detailed sequence treatment
  • ·         Budget plan using Oxfam’s budget template and including all applicable taxes (e.g. 10% withholding tax and 12% expanded value added tax)
  • ·         Resume of proponent/s
  • ·         Links to a maximum of three samples of previous works

Before you start writing, make sure that you have read the creative brief. More details will be shared with shortlisted candidates.

Posted by: Nina Somera <>

  Call for EOIs_promotional video_09Jan2015




Creative brief_ SURGE Promotional Video_09Jan2015



[Beyond 2015:354] A Call for Participation – Sharing the Results

Español – estará disponible pronto – Français – sera bientôt disponible – Portugues – Estara disponivel em breve.

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of Beyond 2015, we would like to thank you all for joining the “Call for Participation” for stronger civil society participation in the post-2015 negotiations.

As of December 16 at 11am, and after only five days, this Call had been joined by 826 organizations from 110 countries.

Attached you will find the summary of the results as well as the list of Organizations and countries. Those were already shared with the Co-facilitators of the post-2015 negotiation process (Kenya and Ireland), with the President of the United Nations General Assembly (PGA) as well with representatives of the United Nations.

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank all partners – from Beyond 2015 participating organizations, Major Groups, coalitions, campaigns and networks, that joined us in this process.

If you are still not a participating organization of Beyond 2015, we kindly invite you to consider joining us using this link:

Thanks and regards,

Beyond 2015 Secretariat


Action – A Call For Participat​ion


1) We had previously informed you of the draft decision on modalities for the post-2015 negotiations found here:

2) In response, participating Major Groups, Beyond 2015 and GCAP wrote a letter to the co-facilitators requesting a meeting with the co-facilitators to ensure their commitment to open, transparent and inclusive negotiations.

Please feel free to share the attached letter widely through your own networks. We advise that this is a corrected version of the letter, so circulate this letter rather than the one sent out by Leida Rijnhout earlier.

3) We invite all NGO representatives to sign up and circulate widely the “Call for Participation” launched by Beyond 2015 that features an open letter to governments for a strong civil society participation in the post-2015 negotiations. For more information see below. The deadline is 15 December. 

From: Naiara Costa <> Date: Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 1:58 PM Subject: [B2015 UN WG] ACTION- A call for participation/ Llamado a la participación/ Appel à participation/ Chamado à Participação To:


Dear Beyond 2015 UN Working Group,

I trust that you’ve already seen the “Call for Participation” that we’ve just launched for the Campaign.

We count on your URGENT support to sign up and to mobilize as many organizations, networks and coalitions as possible.

Please, circulate the message below to your mailing lists. It would be great if those that have national and regional offices could also request them to sign as it will show the diversity and complexity of civil society engagement in this process.

The deadline is December 15.

Please, do not forget to tweet about it!

Thanks and best regards,

Naiara Costa

Beyond 2015 Advocacy Director

Mob. +1 917 470 0764


Skype: naiaracc (New York, USA)


Follow Beyond 2015 on Twitter @Beyond2015 and Facebook

WM Beyond 2015 logo

Beyond 2015 thematic groups are open to all organisations participating in the campaign. Join a group! Click here to find out which working groups and task forces are currently active.

You work at the regional level? Check out our regional hubs in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Pacific here.

You work at the national level? You can find details of our national hubs across the world here.

Check out what the Executive Committee has been up to, here.


(1) English – A call for Participation FINAL

(2) Stakeholder Letter – Post2015 Modalities-FINAL2

(3) Portugues – Um chamado a participacao FINAL

(4)  Francais – Un appel a participation – FINAL

(5) Espanol – Un llamado a la participacion -FINAL





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Worldview Mission, Headquarter, “Kingdom of the Netherlands”

Worldview Mission, Suriname

Contact:  Ms. Hélène H. Oord

Em:   /

Address: Beemsterhoek 14,  2905 XA, Capelle A/D IJssel, Rotterdam

Mob: +31(0) 636108563    /   +31(0) 107857863  Tel/Fax

(Netherlands-EU) , Registered: RSIN, ANBI 851082403 B01


SEPA: Bank Account nr.:  NL08 ABNA 0506 0822 02

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