COP20 For Dev Countries

Tomorrow COP 20 officially begins and in two weeks it will become a historical moment.

My contact information in Lima is:


Cell # for Lima:  946 595 234

As soon as you know yours, please send it along for our data base.  Once the meetings start, the time will go quickly so this dta is essential to staying informed and calls for emergency strategy meetings.

Barbara Benish has had a sudden family emergency and will not be joining us for COP 20 but will join us for Bonn in June and for COP 21 in Paris.

All the best,

UN SD Education Caucus Co-Chair
Co-Coordinator Climate Change, Head of Delegation

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IIED events and activities at COP20

Dear colleague,
We are pleased to let you know that IIED will be at COP20 in Peru next week and have lots of events and activities planned.  This year our main activities will include:
IIED senior fellow Saleemul Huq, also director of the International Centre for Climate Change and Development, will be providing regular vlogs from Lima on this page and IIED’s YouTube site, and will also be giving his views on Twitter.
You can follow IIED on Twitter as well, or read our latest blogs to keep up to date on developments and our activities during the conference.
For more information about all of these activities please visit our website:
Best wishes

Kate Wilson

Publications and marketing manager
International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
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UN SD Education Caucus and COP 20

Dear UN SD Education Caucus Delegation,

We have a strong contingent of UN SD EC members and partners who will be present in Lima championing environmental education as a key component of the new “Climate Agreement”, and those who are supporting us from a distance.  There are many meetings, activities, a first time ever in Peru, a climate change march, a Peoples’s Summit, exhibits, strategy meetings/morning briefings on multiple topics and of course the government meetings continue to prepare for the lead-up to COP 21 in Paris and the Global Climate Change Treaty in 2020.  Environmental Education is a cross-cutting issue found throughout the work in front of us over the next two weeks.  Members are networking covering many topics, from trainings to interventions to multi-stakeholder engagements, and more.  
From UN SD Education Caucus member Dick Ballhorn [Canada] who understands the policy venue well, this analysis on Climate Change events and the ADP.
In the run-up to the 2015 COP in Paris 
The fact that the USA and China have already indicated what they are prepared to agree to in Paris helps to put pressure on other key countries to take the whole exercise seriously and come up with their own ”commitments”.  The USA and Chinese announcement certainly puts pressure on the current Canadian government which has long argued that Canada can’t act without the USA also acting and that Canada would follow US actions.
The revised non-paper on elements of the 2015 agreement has language on education: in particular lines 20-23 of the Preamble; Para 12; Para 20-20.1; and para 23. 1 (d). While I am not up to date on SD/environment education and public awareness developments on the international level, the language looks good to me.
Potential Interventions on ADP
I didn’t see any specific mention of SD and environmental or public education in the draft decision on advancing the Durban agenda. I don’t know how exactly it could  be fitted in. One could always try to borrow some of the SD and envt language being put forward in the non-paper. 
Each UN SD Education Caucus delegate on this list plays an integral role in building upon the framework for advancing, monitoring and evaluating,  environmental education and global climate change policies and actions at the international, regional, national and local/community levels, from the President to ordinary people to high level stakeholders.
COP 20 Co-Chair
Let me introduce you to our other COP 20 Co-Chair,  Barbara Benish, founder and Director of ArtDialogue,   AND  You will definitely want to ask her to join you for a latte during the meetings, especially to learn more about her other work with the UNEP Safe Planet initiative.
Mark Your Calendar and hold a spot  to attend.  Barbara will join us during Week 2.  During Week 1 she will be working on our art and culture side event – off-site but near the COP 20 venue.  More on this soon.
UN SD Education Caucus and Environmental Education Media Project
Voices, “Finding Common Ground”
“It’s possible to rehabilitate large-scale damaged ecosystems.” Environmental film maker John D. Liu documents large-scale ecosystem restoration projects in China, Africa, South America and the Middle East, highlighting the enormous benefits for people and planet of undertaking these efforts globally. 
 ➢  John D. Liu, YouTube documentary film Green Gold
Last spring from the Ed. Caucus COP 20  ”Call” for ideas regarding a major side event during COP 20, we decided to partner with EEMP and global filmmaker John D. Liu to propose a bold framework  to the President of COP 20 that would be integrated in Lima and carry over into COP 21 in Paris 2015.  We drafted a Concept Note, submitted the proposal.  
The UN SD Education Caucus – Climate Change combined our policy work on “A well-prepared society through environmental education and engaging stakeholders”  and our work with the UNFCCC “Ad-hoc Working Group on Long-term Cooperative Action”, transparency, governance, access to information supporting public decision making, and policy and practice.  Often the intergenerational approach and always support for Youth engagement, justice and equity.
We proposed taking the UNFCCC climate change venue beyond the COP into the global arena through a) Parallel initiative  b)  using interactive ICT  c)  create a film, which would become #3 in a 5-part series entitled “Finding Common Ground: the act of healing the earth”, designate two stages, one large stage for art/ music/ and culture and a small stage dedicated to a serious conversation on “Finding Common Ground” with each stage being filmed and  turned into podcasts for educational purposes.  The Interviews are entitled “Growing Collective Consciousness from the - VOICES FOR THE CLIMATE”
All parts were accepted with the COP 20 organizers taking full responsibility to plan and organize each aspect.   John and  his film crew are ready and in Lima making sure the filming will go smoothly.  As it turns out our proposal is in line with Ban  Ki-moon’s UN High Level Climate Summit  where this global issue has moved into the global level engaging people.  The COP 20 President’s team has been fully committed to delivering a well thought out initiative.  We are waiting for confirmation of the last piece where IISD will potentially give briefings on the policy-making venue.  Keep an eye on the various screens interspersed around the COP with visuals.  In the government meetings, interviews will be  with images will be shown on the screens.    We also have a known movie producer and a director helping us.  Kudos all around.
Youth Team and Side Event
With the support of The University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment, Dean Miranda’s vision on global engagement  with the UN for all graduate students as part of their degree, Dr. Jose Alfaro director of SNRE’s global engagement initiative, and Ms. Michelle Burdick international careers officer for SNRE, we have actively been training and preparing a team of graduate students.
They will be playing an active role as part of our delegation liaising with many groups, bring the voices of Youth to bear on our work within the COP.  They function as a team, will be doing interviews, posting updates and blogs, filming, and more.  You will hear a lot from them.  The UN SD Education Caucus – Climate Change Youth Co-Coordinator is Katy Brown.  We are very fortunate to have such talent as part of our delegation this year.  Please reach out to them and have a chat.  I assure you they are an awesome group, making many contributions to our goals.
SNRE and the St. Louis AquaCenter, Inc. are co-sponsoring a side event focused on the COP 20 theme Oceans and Coastal issues.  Three student were selected by their peers to give brief presentations, December 1st, 18:30 to 20:00 pm.  Double-check the program for the room assignment and mark your calendar.
Stop by Exhibit Booth #75 during Week 1 to learn more about The University of Michigan’s SNRE.
Youth Representative, Divine Ntiokam [Cameroon], will be joining the delegation as a liaise with Climate-Smart Agriculture (Africa) – Youth.  We welcome Divine and his many contributions.  The last time he worked with us,  there was hardly a government delegate that did not know Divine and would wave to him in the hallway or come up and speak with him.  His positive, can do attitude will keep us energize throughout the COP.  You may want to chat with him about his work with street children and orphans, advocating for the disabled, his recent presentations and interviews about agriculture and Africa, African Youth engagement regarding these issues.
Contact Information
Barbara and I will be arriving this weekend and will let you all know the best way to reach us.  Email is still the best way to contact me with a question, an update, scheduling a meet-up.
Last Friday we were informed the UN SD Education Caucus focal point organization was in chaos and we were not registered. With some help from our partnering organizations, we found some available slots, Barbara Week 2 and myself both weeks with two different organizations that each had one spot.
Those of you who are physically here, in a separate email send me your contact information in Lima and the best way to get ahold of you:
[Name, arrive - leave, place staying and address, telephone #, email]
We will be holding strategy meetings once we establish a common time to meet and identify a place to meet once we are there where we can quietly talk.  I will let you know on Monday for Tuesday.
Meet Your Government Delegation
The Welcome Plenary is an excellent time for you to meet-up with your home country’s delegation.  Most of your delegation will be attending, 10:00 am to 13:00 pm.  Check the daily schedule to confirm which Plenary Room.  You will want to go up to them, exchange business card/read the key information on the other person’s card, introduce yourself what your focus is during the COP and identify yourself as a member of the UN SD Education Caucus Climate Change Delegation.  This is extremely important, at our first strategy meeting we will look forward to your report out.  There may also be other times during the week whether Week 1 or Week 2.  Each country’s delegation will select 2 or 3 key issues they will address,  We are focused on the whole, the synergy, and following Article  6 of the Convention.  Know the difference or you may be told they do not work on or the Article 6 delegate is not there.  You need to engage on the level of the whole and beyond, ask if it would be OK to touch base with the delegation if need be.
Upon your arrival you will want to go to the accreditation desk and receive your security pass.  You will need to show your passport.  Because the system is computerized, you will probably be in the data base but just in case bring a copy of your confirmation letter for that process.
ALERTS, except for the airport and accreditation you should keep your passport in a secure place and carry a xerox copy with you.  Your security badge, warning everyday when you are finished put it in a safe place you will remember to put on the next day.  If you loose or misplace either your passport or security badge, it can take several days and a lot of hassle to get either replaced missing the very meeting you came to participate in the various events.
Important Links:
➸   Reference Link to UNFCCC COP 20  - Note Press Conferences link on the right:
➸   Information For Participants, including accreditation 
[Invaluable reference document]
Green Gold  – Documentary by John D. Liu
WM Lima green logo photo
See you in Lima.
All the gest,
Pam Puntenney and Bremley Lyngdoh
UN SD Education Caucus Co-Chairs
Co-Coordinators Climate Change with
Tiahoga Ruge, Jim Taylor, Tich Pesanayi, Kavita Myles, Suzana Padua
Youth Co-Coordinator: Katherine Browne
COP 20 Co-Chair:  Barbara Benish  [Czech Republic, ArtDialogue]


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