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Linkages: Creating a “Climate Knowledge Grid” – Climate Knowledge Brokers Outreach Event, 14:00-17:30, June 22, 2015, UN City, Copenhagen + live stream

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Links for information on Mobile Vocational Training:

Die relevanten GIZ Tool Kit Artikel (bitte hinzufügen)

BMZ/GTZ/THW 2008:  Cooperation Project: Mobile Training Units in Sierra Leone.

FAO 2009: Education for Rural People, The Role of Education, Training and Capacity Development in Poverty Reduction and Food Security.

FAO/IFAD/ ILO 2010:            Investing in skills for socio-economic empowerment of rural women.
Gender and rural employment policy Brief #4.

ILO 2011:   Skills for rural development. Rural Policy Briefs.

ILO 2009:   Rural skills training: A generic manual on training for rural economic empowerment (TREE).

SDC 2006: 12 Theses for working on Skill Development in Rural Areas SDRA.
Working Paper.

SIDA 1983:     Mobile Vocational Training Units.


Examples of presently applied mobile training programmes

Canada: NAIT – The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The self-contained units come with a supply trailer (to transport and store metals, scrap and equipment), can be set up in about an hour and are fully equipped for training in several technical trades. More details, including a photo gallery and a video available at:


Brazil: SENAI

“In 2010, there were over 52,878 registrations made by “mobile actions,” showing that this is an important instrument for the democratization of education.”
In: SENAI – Actions for sustainable Development. Industry Meeting for Sustainability. CNI – National Federation of Industries, Brasilia 2012, S. 46, unter:

“Found in every state in Brazil (27 states), with 545 fixed operating units, 272 mobile units, and 208 laboratories, SENAI is well equipped to provide solutions to even the most remote corners of the nation. In 2012, over 21.000 enterprises were provided with consultation services by SENAI.“

In: Improving and Promoting VET. BIBB and its Global Network of Partners. Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung – BIBB, Bonn 2013, S. 23, unter:


Great Britain

Example of a private training provider operating in the UK and overseas:


Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) with a donation of a private firm launched a mobile training programme in remote areas:
“40 mobile labs will soon roll out in provinces initially identified as among the priority areas for intervention because of the lack of access to technical vocation education. The project targets to produce 23,100 graduates of various tech-voc courses from these areas.”
See TESDA website:

“Indeed, under its mobile training program, TESDA literally moves its instructors from one targeted place to another in a van to teach interested skills trainees are interested in.”

A privately organised mobile training programme for street children in Manila:


“Support will be provided to SEPFOPE to establish a system to deliver mobile training in rural areas. The program will pilot and test the system in targeted districts. This will help provide youth in rural areas with the opportunity to develop skills in areas of demand, establish small businesses or seek employment and raise their income levels. “
Cited from the: SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AND EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM FOR TIMOR-LESTE: 2014-2018. Investment Design Document 25 October. 2014, S.32












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