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Introducing the TAP Network Goal 16 Advocacy Toolkit


TAP Network Goal 16 Advocacy Toolkit
A practical guide for stakeholders for national-level advocacy around Peaceful, Just and

  Inclusive Societies

The 2030 Agenda reaffirms the wealth of evidence that “there can be no sustainable development without peace and no peace without sustainable development.” Explicit institutional acceptance of the importance of good governance and peace for the achievement of sustainable development – through the adoption of Goal 16 and references throughout the 2030 Agenda outcome document – was an enormous breakthrough in the 2030 Agenda. Accordingly, peace is specifically identified as one of the five pillars on which the 2030 Agenda is grounded, in recognition of the critical need for governments to ensure that their citizens can live safe, secure and dignified lives. A commitment to human rights, justice, accountability and transparency – all of which are recognized as prerequisites to ensuring an enabling an environment in which people are able to live freely, securely and prosperously – is evident throughout Goal 16 and the 2030 Agenda.
Recognizing the critical importance of Goal 16 of the 2030 Agenda on peaceful, just and inclusive societies and accountable institutions, this Goal 16 Advocacy Toolkit from the Transparency, Accountability & Participation (TAP) Network provides national-level civil society stakeholders with guidance on how to engage with their governments and other local, regional or international stakeholders to support the planning, implementation, follow-up and accountability of Goal 16.
The Goal 16 Advocacy Toolkit includes guidance, tools and tips on:
  • Contextualizing Goal 16
  • Engaging with Goal 16 at the national level
    • Preparing a Goal 16 “Gap Analysis”
    • Undertaking a Stakeholder Mapping and Analysis
    • Developing an Advocacy Plan for Goal 16
    • Crafting compelling advocacy messages around Goal 16
  • Working with national governments to support planning and implementation of Goal 16
  • Supporting national follow-up and monitoring for Goal 16
  • Working with international processes and various other stakeholders
  • Case studies for successful advocacy by civil society organizations on Goal 16 issues
In addition to providing this toolkit for national-level civil society stakeholders, the TAP Network will also host a series of webinars and workshops to support capacity building for national-level advocacy for Goal 16. For more information on the TAP Network Goal 16 Advocacy Toolkit and forthcoming Goal 16 advocacy workshops, visit www.tapnetwork2030.org/goal-16-advocacy-toolkit/
 Joh​n Romano

Coordinator, TAP Network

One UN Plaza, Room 1177 | New York, NY 10017
Office: +1 212 967 3215 | Mobile: +1 609 721 3316
Email: romano@wfuna.org | Skype: jjromano14
Twitter: @TAPNetwork2015 | TAP Network Google Group


TAP Network Goal 16 Advocacy Toolkit




UN-NGLS: The 2015 Post

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Solutions Summit reflections by Megan Smith, United States Chief Technology Officer

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On the evening of 27 September 2015, the Solutions Summit at UN Headquarters turned attention toward breakthrough solutions for achieving the new Sustainable Development Goals, immediately following the conclusion of the UN Sustainable Development Summit.
The White House has just published an inspiring article about the Solutions Summit by Megan Smith, United States Chief Technology Officer and Assistant to the President. It captures the spirit of the initiative, summarizes each of the 14 projects profiled at the inaugural event, and provides a link to the event webcast video.
Extraordinary people are already implementing solutions around the world that address the Sustainable Development Goals.
Learn about them and spread the word!Read the article here:

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[Beyond 2015:346] Sec Gen Synthesis Report – task force, grupo de trabajo, groupe de travail

Dear Beyond 2015, (Español abajo – Francais ci-dessous), 

As you know the UN Secretary General will soon be launching his “synthesis report” and this document may be one of the influential pieces in the post-2015 negotiations.

 Beyond 2015 will be preparing a reaction to this document and we are looking for volunteers to support us in preparing this paper.

There is no official date for the launching of the report yet but we are expecting it to be in the last week of November. Our reaction will need to be ready very quickly so we can also influence Member States in their own analysis of the report.

Volunteers are expected to: 

·         Be ready to read the report (it may only be available in English at the first moment)

·         Be ready to engage and provide inputs quickly and operate with very tight deadlines

·         Commit to provide inputs considering the Campaigns positions (Red Flags, 3 P’s, Reaction to the OWG and VPVC).

·         Engage in the dissemination of the reaction paper.

Please, do let us know by November 14 if you would be interested in engaging in this Task Force.  

Please, send your confirmation to Naiara Costa (ncosta@beyond2015.org).

Thanks and regards,

Beyond 2015 Secretariat



Estimada campaña Beyond 2015,

Como saben, el Secretario General de la ONU pronto lanzará su “informe de síntesis” – un documento que puede ser una de las piezas influyentes en las negociaciones post-2015.

Beyond 2015 va a preparar un documento de reacción a este informe, y estamos buscando voluntarios que contribuirán a la preparación de este documento.

Todavía no hay una fecha oficial de lanzamiento del informe, pero se supone que será la última semana de noviembre. Nuestra reacción tendrá que ser preparada muy rápidamente para poder influir a los Estados Miembros en la preparación de sus propias reacciones y análisis del informe .

Los voluntarios:

  • ·      Estarán listos a leer el informe (que sólo estará disponible en Inglés en el primer momento)
  • ·      Estarán disponibles para participar y aportar de forma rápida, y operar con plazos muy ajustados
  • ·      Se comprometerán a proporcionar insumos teniendo en cuenta las posiciones de la Campaña (las banderas rojas, los 3 pillares, la Reacción de Beyond 2015 al documento del Grupo de Trabajo Abierto (OWG) y la visión, el propósito, los valores y los criterios – VPVC.
  • ·      Participarán en la difusión del documento de reacción.

Por favor, hacernos saber antes del 14 de noviembre en caso de querer participar en este Grupo de Trabajo, enviando su confirmación a Naiara Costa (ncosta@beyond2015.org).

Gracias y saludos,

Secretaría de Beyond 2015



Chère campagne Beyond 2015, 

Comme vous savez, le Secrétaire général de l’ONU va bientôt lancer son “Rapport de synthèse” – un document qui peut être l’une des pièces d’influence dans les négociations post-2015.

Beyond 2015 va préparer un document de réaction à ce rapport, et nous sommes à la recherche de personnes qui voudraient contribuer à l’élaboration de ce document.

Il n’y a toujours pas de date de sortie officielle du rapport, mais elle est censée être la dernière semaine de Novembre. Notre réponse doit être très rapide pour pouvoir influer les États membres dans l’élaboration de leurs propres réactions et d’analyser le rapport.

Si vous voulez participer à la préparation de la réaction, il faudra:

• Etre prêt à lire le rapport (disponible seulement en anglais pour le moment)

• Être disponible pour participer et contribuer rapidement et travailler avec des délais serrés

• Etre prêt à fournir des apports en tenant compte des positions de la campagne (les drapeaux rouges, les 3 piliers, la réaction de Beyond 2015 au document du Groupe de Travail Ouvert (OWG), et la vision, le but, les valeurs et les critères – VPVC de Beyond 2015.

• Participer à la diffusion de la réaction.

Veuillez laissez-nous savoir avant le 14 Novembre si vous souhaitez participer à ce groupe de travail : envoyer un message de confirmation à Naiara Costa (ncosta@beyond2015.org).

Merci et salutations,

Secrétariat de Beyond 2015

Fiona Hale

Beyond 2015 International Officer

Working from Newcastle, UK

Email: fhale@beyond2015.org

Skype: fionahale (Newcastle, England)

Cellphone +44 (0) 7815 071918

Please note that I don’t work on Friday. 


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